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Finish the story type things always spark creativity on other forums I've been on, so I want to see what you guys come up with.

1. I'll start of with a single line, after that you can add as much as you want
2. No double posting
3. It can involve anyone, any time and any place you'd like.
4. Killing a character is allowed, but remind you, the ability to bring them back from the dead is there.
5. Here's the catch, NO ENDING THE STORY
6. Have fun with it.

The first line is...

Potatosiris was walking down the street when suddenly...
Ignore this, CDFA had better.
He felt himself deep in his thoughts. "What is a man?" he asked himself. He looked at his hands "Am I truly a man? Or am I just a feeble creation walking into the world. A man is one with a purpose. One who has definite goals. I, though, have nothing." He looked down. "Nor am I a woman. A woman has purpose too. Even in the sexist countries, they still do more than I do." He contemplated this discovery for hours. How could he live his life with such failure? Had he tried hard in school? No. That was a woman's job, his friends said. Did he do Drama like he wanted? No. That was not a man's job. But Potatosiris spent much time watching in the theatre. Not performing, just watching. "Oh how my life would have been different if I thought for myself instead of listening to the general public. Oh, if only I had a chance to restart!" he screamed in his head. Suddenly, he found a good looking teenager sitting on the street. He started at this man. Why was he so intrigued. There was nothing special about this man. He had a teen-boner, like most others, and he was not special in any sort of way. The teenager got up, and immmediatley made passionate love to Potatosiris. They both fainted on the street, ignored by the public. When they woke up, they were in eachother's bodies! this was GREAT! He could finally re-live his life! The other boy did not wake up. Due to internal anal bleeding, Potatosiris's body had died, therefore killing the mind of the teenager. "Dang." Potatosiris said.
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Potatosiris awoke with a start. "Da fudge was that?" he questioned himself as he looked at his surrondings. Nothing interesting on his left, but when he suddendly turned to his right, he saw something that he could not a bit believe. A beautiful young woman lie half naked next to him. "What a strange dream." he said to himself as he lie his head back on a pillow.
Potatosiris awoke again back on the street. "What the hell I didn't even fall asleep. How did I fall alseep and wake up again. And I still don't know who the hell I am" Potatosiris said. He went to find answers. Suddenly, he knew what to do. He took out his wallet.

"Mike Hawke" it said. "Dammit" Potatosiris stated. He walked down the street, and decided that although he was now Mike Hawke, he would still pursue his dream as an actor. After all, its not too hard to act in a different body, right? "tAw bIieiee awhre naw- oh maayyunnn that suuuuyyyuuckksss" he stated. [i]What the hell is happening? I swear that my mind didn't mean to do that!" he thought. Then he realized it. He had a southern accent. His life as an actor was not going to go anywhere when he sounds like he should be cooping chickens and milking cows. "Well, Mike Hawke surely must be good at something, right?" he thought. He rarely spoke. He took this idea from a character called Nephenee, in his favorite game, Fire Emblem. He loved Nephenee, Potatosiris did. If she existed in this world, he would marry her at an instant. Now, with this similarity, he loved Nephenee even more. He has to go home. His hormones were ready. But one problem arose. Where the hell did he live?
Man what the hell walls of text.

If this wasn't like the 50th time someone has started one of these threads, I would actually participate. The first one was actually ok.
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Suddenly, everything around Potatosiris turned blue and he awoke once more. Believe it or not, the Matrix had just crashed.
The matrix turned out to be a big supportergot and was deleted from existance.

"Wow, whoever the hell keeps on waking me on and off is going to get ate in the ass" he said, sighing under his breath. He walked down to the police office, and asked the man "Hey dude. May I do a search on Mike Hawke?" he asked. "Get the hell out of here you dumbass kid" the officer said under his breath. "DAMMIT MAN LOOK FOR MIKE HAWKE" he screamed at the top of his lungs. "IT'S GOING TO BE IN YOUR ASS IF YOU DON'T GET OUT OF HERE" the officer yelled. "WE NEED SECURITY OVER HERE" Potatosiris screamed. "THIS IS A POLICE STATION, YOU DUMBASS" another officer yelled. Mike Hawke was kicked out of the police station. "I guess I'll just go to the school that Mike goes to" Potatosiris sighed. He looked at the ID Card. "Herp D. Derp High School." it stated. "My body is ready. . . or at least the doppelganger that I'm using. . . or am I really a doppelganger of Mike?. . .gyuuh" The thoughts raced in his head. This was the only thing Potatosiris hated about himself. His mind was too broad, not focused. Oh well.
Then he buries himself underground and makes potatoes.

Then his children are eaten with butter.
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Mike looked around and happened to find a pocket knife laying on the ground. He picked it up and stabbed himself a few times. His body hit the ground with a thud. Dead he was.
Then he got up and said "I AM NOT READING THOSE WALLS OF TEXT" and then fell over again.
then he dug a hole into a game, realising its the tf2ware server on tf2 he has no choice but to play the minigames...
noticing that minigames the are actually super boring, he cried.
He didn't even have TF2 installed in his computer, so it didn't really matter.
He didn't even have a computer.
He didn't even exist.

Absolutely nothing was true.

That which is bereft of life, is as much bereft of death.

Someday, the world will be cold.
and then he fapped furiously to pictures of Michelle Obama.
Cave Johnson, we're done here.
The story is finnished.
worst fl player
The story is never ending ( never DYING muhahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa )
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