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When I start-up osu! everything's fine, after doing an action for example clicking something or just loading a beatmap it minimizes but doesn't show the icon on the taskbar but if I open it up from the shortcut on the desktop it appears where it was last time. Let's say for example I was playing and I press escape and it suddenly happens, if I open the game back up it's gonna be in that place, but like the game keeps playing, so I would've lost.

osu! version: 20170503.4 (latest)
Try compatibility mode.

Go to the osu! executable, right click, properties, compatibility, check run this program in compat mode, and try Windows 7.

If that does not work, and you per se alt+tab from the game, does this still occur?

And if the compat mode does not work, try reinstalling your video drivers?
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