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Here is my map for you to mod.

  1. Std only.
  2. Simply paste your map in your reply; I will mod it first unless you request otherwise.

Queue and modding protocol that you don't have to read but is here if you need it
  1. I should be able to get around to modding your map within one week of closing the queue. If I don't get to you within 2 weeks, please send me a PM and I will get to you right away.
  2. By default, I will mod your map first. If, however, you want to mod my map first, then let me know in your response and I will gladly comply. Those who opt to mod my map first will take priority over those who wait for me to mod them.
  3. By default, I will mod your entire standard mapset, unless it nets a higher drain time than that of my own mapset. If that is the case, then I will decide how many difficulties (or, in the case of a long marathon map, how many minutes) I will review, and I will ask you which ones you feel are most in need of feedback.
  4. If your total mapset amounts to a drain time that is less than that of a single difficulty on my own map, then you don't need to mod my map in return. I will let you know this in my mod on your beatmap thread.
  5. For your convenience, I will always leave a link to my own beatmap in my mod for your map.
  6. If you decide that you want to mod my map first, then you are free to mod whichever and however many difficulties you want. In return, I will use drain time as a metric for how much I will mod in return. For example, if you mod one difficulty of a song of mine with 3 minutes of drain time, and you have a song with 1 minute of drain time, then I will mod three of your difficulties.
  7. If you want me to decide which difficulties you should mod for my map, then refer to the mod count in the beatmap's description. Each difficulty will have a number next to it indicating the number of mods that it has received. The difficulties with fewer mods are the ones that I feel need more feedback. Ties go to the lower difficulty.
  8. There is the possibility that I think your map is fine as is, and that I have nothing of value that I think I can add. If this ends up being the case, I will PM you with a note saying so, and I will shoot a kudosu star at your map, provided I have one. If I do this, you do not have to mod my map in return if you don't want to.
  9. If you do not mod my map a week after I modded yours, or let me know that you will mod it later, then I will add you to a personal blacklist, and I will not accept any future requests from you in the future.
  10. I am relatively new to mapping and modding. I am also only a mediocre player: at the time of writing this, I can't FC anything higher than 5 stars and I can't pass anything higher than 6 stars. I am also horrible at stream-heavy maps. I can still mod all of these, but understand that I will have less resourcefulness available to me for providing feedback.
  11. No tickets, please. I can't be sure that I'll have time to mod your map when you have one available, so please have a map ready when you make your request. I doubt that this will be a problem for me since I'm pretty new to mapping and modding, but I figured I ought to say it anyway.
  12. When the queue closes, I will change the central header and and the title, and then I will post a reply to the forum saying "Closed," along with the users whose maps I've accepted.
  13. When the queue opens, I will again change the central header and the title, and then post a reply to the forum saying "Open for x slots," where x is the number of slots I am open for.
  14. If the queue simply says "Open," then I am open for an unlimited number of slots. I will accept the m4m for everyone who responds until the queue closes.
  15. Let x be a positive integer and suppose I am open for x slots. If, after x people have responded with their maps, I have not yet closed the queue, then you are free to post with your own map, but expect it to get rejected. That is—unless if you follow the instructions in the bullet point below.
  16. If you're reading this, then presumably you've read all of the above rules, which means that you're an informed citizen of this modding queue! Here's a little bonus for you: if you can inconspicuously insert an em-dash somewhere in your reply, then I will take that as evidence that you read all the rules and you will take priority over others. I will also mod your map under all circumstances when the queue is open. This is an em-dash: —. Also, disregard the point below: it's just a quip for those who thought that something clever would be at the end of this list.
  17. If you've gotten to this bullet point, then it must mean that you're willing to actually read all the rules! Now go back up and finish reading them.
The following people have not modded my map in return yet, despite a fairly substantial wait. If you see your name on this list, then you can be removed from it by modding my map.

  1. hanyuu_nanodesu
  2. Lorkee
Open for 4 slots.
M4M req here. Ty
Here's my map — https://osu.ppy.sh/s/616242
I'll mod your map as soon as possible!
Hello~ mod pls


you mod first right? then, can you mention your map link in your mod so it's easier for me to find it? :3
thank you—
Closed. Everyone has been accepted.
Open for 3 slots.
will anyone actually read the rules lul

MaridiuS wrote:

will anyone actually read the rules lul
anyway, since your m4m map is 3mins, gonna place my map here then https://osu.ppy.sh/b/728958&m=0
if its ok, i will probably mod your map around next week
Since there aren't any more responses, I'll get to modding yours now, jyu. I'm still open, though
Hi, here's my map:

EDIT: Checked out your map and for some reason the mp3 for this specific map isn't loading in the client. Is this an issue for you aswell? (Fixed this by removing japanese characters from the file name)
Yikes, that's strange. Let me see...

Yeah, I'm getting issues. Let me change the name of the mp3 file then. I'll upload it immediately.
Okay, it seems to be working now. Thanks for the heads-up. I recently got a better quality mp3 for the map, and I named it something different after replacing it. I guess I need to use more conventional characters. :/
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