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Problem Details:
My game keep scrolling indefinitely my beatmaps list. When I try to change the volume, same as beatmap list, scroll the volume upward or downward. I got it every very often now. Like 5/6 times per hour, or more. Keep restarting my game everytime. I was looking for an answer in solved issues, but most of them was like " Fixed itself while restarting". But it's not the case for me.
I noticed that I got this when I return to the beatmap list after finishing to play a map.

Help would be really appreciated, thanks.
Try to replug your keyboard.
Doesn't work, already tried it. Same as my keyboard, mouse and tablet etc.
try resetting your keyboard binds

it might be somewhere there

Help Center wrote:

  1. Go to Options, from there find and disable Joystick support.
  2. If the previous step doesn't help, disconnect your input devices from PC one by one, and see if the issue clears itself up. If this works, check the peripheral for any faults that may be causing input to be sent to your computer, such as a jammed button, or even a broken USB slot.
  3. If after disconnecting all your input devices from your PC the problem is still present, go and check for any programs running in the background - some of them may be emulating you holding down a key or mouse button, especially driver applications or software such as Xpadder and X-Mouse Button Control.
  4. This can also happen due to an issue with the numpad keys that scroll the song selection list and the Shift or Numlock key. In this case simply press the Numlock key to disable the numpad and then press the key that corresponds to the scrolling (usually 9 or 3). To avoid this in the future be sure to release the number key before releasing the shift key, or be sure to not disable the numpad while a number key is pressed.
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