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Problem Details:
(Im french so sorry for my english...)
Actually i can't submit any score for approximately 2 week
-I have no other programs in background
-Im on the latest version of osu!
-Im connected to Osu!Bancho
-No problem with my firewall

Oh and i have tried the compatibility mode (and nothing changed)
Thx if you can help me...

Video or screenshot showing the problem:
- http://bit.ly/2pZaqAT (screen)

osu! version: 20170503.4 (latest)
Please try these;

Restarting your computer, router, modem.;

Release and Renew IPConfig;

Flush DNS.

See if any of those work.
Problems solved after Flush DNS
Glitch again after 9 minutes...
http://bit.ly/2q14EyI (screen)
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