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Problem Details: A lot of times, I noticed that I would have a grade in a song but there would be no records of it in the local ranking. This is pretty natural on ranked maps or any map with an online leaderboard. However, GravitoN is unranked. There is no online leaderboard for it. I've just played this map and got an A but it was not saved in the local scores.

I've successfully saved the replay of the song and can view and access it through the osu files perfectly fine. There's even a mini rankings on the left when playing the replay. These scores do not appear in the song menu local rankings.

Video or screenshot showing the problem:

osu! version: 20160403.6
If you switch your gamemode to Mania, do they show up?
No, they do not. I tried changing modes and this doesn't fix the problem.

I even tried opening and closing the client before this thread. It did nothing. Then I closed osu and made this thread. I opened osu again while making this reply. And bam, they're there now. Didn't even have to change modes. It doesn't matter what mode it's on. Changing the modes removes the score grade.

So I have no idea what's causing this phenomenon or how it was fixed, but it was fixed. So although I'm confused, I'm happy things worked out even though it was a bit delayed.
I have ran into this issue before where my scores disappear but then reappear. I simply just click on a easier difficulty of the song and then go back to the song that the rank disappeared from and my local scores come back up. I see this also within unranked maps. I play mania and get kind of annoyed about not seeing those ranks at times.

I haven't done it in a while, but I should F5 to refresh my DB file to recache my songs. Maybe try that?
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