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Problem Details:

I've been having a problem with Osu exclusively concerning my tablet.

Every no and then when I'm playing my cursor will jump to the middle of the screen and freeze for around three seconds, plenty of time for me to die as I try to get it to respond. I's really annoying when I'm finally making progress on a difficult beatmap only for the game to decide it doesn't want to read my tablet anymore. My tablet lights up, showing that it's not only connected properly, but it's also reading my actions, but the game is having none of that, and will decide that apparently I want to just sit in the middle and die. I have not changed any of the settings in the game at all and no other program I use a tablet for ever has this problem. What's going on?

Seriously, there's no point in me continuing to play this game if it's going to screw me by not reading my actions.

edit: it's really getting out of hand now, doing it almost every round I play. I almost got an s rank on a map i've been practicing for weeks and it froze, I can't play this game if it won't work

Edit again: Okay, it seems to have stopped for now, but I'm sure it's going to come back at some point (since this isn't the first time this has happened), so can someone tell me what might be causing the problem?
Video or screenshot showing the problem:

osu! version: 20170503.4 (latest)
I used to have the issue on my laptop with my tablet (CTL-480). It happened when I had too many USB devices connected at the same time or my computer had a big workload.
If you're sure that this is not the problem then just try a different USB port. Good luck!
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