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Hello. I'm currently working on my first beatmap. I have only been working on it for 15 minutes when I run smack into a error. The editor has placed a auto-break right when a spinner starts, making the spinner impossible.

Warning: This Video Is Loud!

I recorded a (crappy quality) video.

I've tried a lot of things, such as changing the time the spinner stops and ends and re-adding the spinner. Please help me.
Try right clicking on the break at the top on the timeline to see if that will get rid of it

(Or placing some notes before it first to make the break disappear and then placing the spinner)

Also I forgot to mention it likes to reappear and disappear randomly. Your comment made it disappear, but of course it comes back when I save.
There's a note which happens during the spinner. This is what's making the spinner unspinnable, not the break. (The break is being made because osu! is confused and thinks the red note at the spinner end is the next note.)

Shorten your spinner by a 1/2 and everything should return to normal.
Thank you! It worked! And I feel that the pacing is now better.

Maybe we should put this in the FAQ.
Oh I didn't notice that note there, oops

Anyway it is mentioned in the FAQ (under map design issues) and in the Official Rules that no note/slider/spinner should ever overlap on the timeline so I think we are covered there

Resolving this~
Sorry. I see a lot of maps use this trick, but I never noticed they were not exactly on the same beat.
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