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Playing with a Wacom CTL490.
I did osu!'s update a few days ago, did play, got no problems what so ever, then today, my cursor, using ONLY THE TABLET, can't get out of the top left corner.
I can play with the mouse, and the tablet works fine anywhere on my pc, i can draw whatever i want using any software, the cursor has no problem.... except for osu!...

I have literally no idea about what could be the reason... I've search some similar problems, but it happend to be not the exact same problem... my tablet is fine, the pen is fine, i can move the cursor using the mouse, but nothing possible using the tablet in osu!... :'(

I just updated the tablet's driver, restarded my computer several times, the tablet is handled by the pc, everything is up to date and working absolutely fine EXCEPT osu!.... tried pretty much everything, from unplug/plug, restarting computer, chechking in peripherals menu, in Wacom center, it's fine...

I can get the cursor move with the tablet though, but only a few pixel from top left corner (like sensibility is set to 0.00000001), increasing sensibility make the cursor far enough up and left to make it invisible, and setting sensibility to minimum put the cursor closer to the center of the screen, but again, can play onlyu in a few pixel large square...

Ok i can play with the mouse, but come on... >.<
Please read t/590367
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