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Problem Details: this is the best screenshot i can get basically when i hover or drag my tablet pen it launches to the top left of the screen and just stays there i cant move it. my tablet works perfectly outside of osu.

the things I've tried: uninstalling and reinstalling my drivers, repairing osu, changing my area, coming out of fullscreen and letterboxing

Video or screenshot showing the problem:
http://prntscr.com/f8id6q best i could get ;-; sorry

osu! version:20170503.4 (latest)
Please read t/590367
A bit late, but Just turn off raw input.

BinaryTech wrote:

A bit late, but Just turn off raw input.
Thanks for bumping with information that was posted 2 months before you, and in greater detail. Congratulations.

Please don't do this ;-;
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