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This problem has been brought up in the past, but I didn't want to bump any old threads. I've recently purchased a Wacom CTH-490 Tablet (Wacom Art) and have been experiencing lag while hovering. Some refer to this as lag, cursor smoothing, or slow tablet response. When I drag, there is absolutely no input lag whatsoever. I'd rather not go back to dragging since I've been practicing hovering for so long, along with I don't want to damage my tablet. I've tried the tape trick and it causes my pen to sometimes glitch out and is overall not the best solution. I've tried tons of different drivers and the latest one seems to be the only one that is compatible with my tablet. I used the FixMyPen application and it didn't solve anything as well. So if anyone has a solution that they would like to propose, please do so. Thanks for your help!
As far as I know the only solution that has worked for most was to drag or tape the pen. But you've already tried that.
Using fullscreen mode reduces input lag by a bit aswell.

Are you able to return the tablet? If yes, you could take a look at the CTL-480 and the CTL-471, they are great for osu!.
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