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Welcome to the North America osu!standard Tournament 2017! This tournament is open to all players in The United States, Canada, Mexico, United States Territories and all other countries in the North American region. A list of North American countries can be found here.

*Discord will be the main form of communication for this tournament. Download it here!

Discord | Schedule | Spreadsheet | Bracket | Player Signup | Staff Signup | Stream

  1. This tournament is open to osu!standard players.
  2. Signups open June 21st
  3. Signups close July 14th
  4. This tournament will begin the weekend of July 21st.
  5. This tournament will be a 1v1, Double Elimination Tournament
  6. The scoring system being used for this tournament is Score V2
  7. The tournament will consist of 64 players, with a rank cutoff for an overflow of players
  8. Seeding will be based on rank, highest vs lowest. So seed 1 will vs seed 64, seed 2 vs seed 63, etc.

  1. The match will be Team vs, Score V2
  2. Both players have unlimited nomod picks until the pool runs out
  3. Both players are limited to One HD, One HR, and One DT pick for Best of 7.
  4. Both players are limited to Two HDs, Two HRs, and Two DTs picks for Best of 9 and 11.
  5. There will be no bans
  6. Players will have two minutes per pick
  7. Freemod is allowed if the match results in a Tiebreaker situation.
  8. Round of 64, Round of 32, Losers Round 1, 2, and 3 will be a Best Of 7
  9. Round of 16, Quarter Finals, Semi-Finals, Losers Round 4, 5, 6, and 7 will be a Best of 9
  10. Finals, Grand Finals, Losers Round 8, 9, and 10 will be a Best of 11
  11. There will be Six Mappools total
  12. Players may have 1 warmup each before the match. The warmup must be shorter than 5 minutes.
  13. The top 8 of NAT 2016 will have a higher priority of getting into this tournament regardless of rank, but will be seeded by rank.

1st place: 4 months supporter, Profile badge
2nd place: 2 months supporter
3rd place: 1 month supporter

To help maintain the competitive integrity of this tournament, we will have a blacklist setup that future NAT's may use

  1. If one player does not show up to their match, The other player may decide if they will take the win or reschedule.
  2. If both players do not show up to their match, they will be blacklisted. In this case, the higher seeded player progresses and the lower seeded player will be sent to losers and will be disqualified.
  3. Any player who fails to show up to their match without prior communication shall be blacklisted and may lose their signup priority for future NAT's.


    This year we have an IRC bot to help ref matches. During the time of your match you will be invited to your lobby, and the bot will give you instructions on what to do. In case the bot is not available, this is how the referee should run the match:
    1. Set up the room, with the lobby name "NAT2017: (Player 1) vs (Player 2)"
    2. Players will have TEN MINUTES to join. If one or both players fail to show up, please refer to the blacklist section.
    3. Once both players have joined, have the players roll
    4. HIGHER roll picks warm up 1st
    5. LOWER roll picks warm up 2nd
    6. After warmups, the player who rolled higher will pick the first map from the pool.
    7. After the first map, players will alternate picks, until one player wins.
    8. In the case of a tie, a tiebreaker map will be played.


  1. Organizer: Ritzeh
  2. Moderator: Weed
  3. Programmers: Smc, PatyYe
  4. Mappool: captin1, Halfslashed, Kroytz, n0ah
  5. Streamers*: [ -------- ] (*Remote controlled PC, Looking for Streamers)
  6. Commentators: [ BJ ], Dovydas, Halfslashed, Jona7117, Kaoru, Omaru, Poncho, Toukai, Weed
  7. Referees: Aoiyuuki, Auto, Bearzyo, Harrharrqi, Joezapy, Jona7117, Kaoru, Omaru, Xelin1
  8. Graphics: andred44

Quarter-Finals, Losers Round 4, and 5 have been changed to Best of 9. (June 4th 2017 03:31 PDT)
fuck jona
Where is my suPER SUIT
whats poppin boys
Im fonna die but by that time i plan to be top 25k so maybe there is hope.
Badge looks sick too bad I'll never win it
i shall be in this
I'll be out of town 2 days before the tornament begins.... #feelsbadman
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