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Yes, I have a question on this, and either my mindblock is preventing me to properly search for it, or it just isn't addressed.

How does osu! load its songs when you download a .osz file? Is the .osz file the actual "song", or is it just a set of instructions that tells osu! to download song information from a site?

Please address this, it's been bugging me, because I'm doing some bandwidth extensive work at home, and need all the speed I can get.
The .osz file is the song mp3 as well as the beatmap files/images and anything else that comes with it (basically like a zip folder)
It is just an easy way to store them all together
So, when I open it, osu! moves the file into it's own storage folder right? I'm only asking because once you save and open the .osz, it "disappears".

Once you click on it and it "disappears" you can check in the osu! - songs folder and you will see all of the files in it appear in a separate folder there.
Interesting, scared me the first couple of songs I played, well all is good, thanks for the help!

I would +1, Thank, or any other post or rep promoting system you, but I'm very new to this forum.
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