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Xiaounlimited wrote:

what do you mean "horribly clipped"?
The glow has edges. Glow should never have edges. Make the followpoint on a larger canvas, then use the "trim" tool to cut away the transparent edges automatically, so you don't accidentally cut off any of the glow pixels.

Enhanced image for obviousness:

Probably best to just reduce the range of the glow to ensure people don't get hit by performance issues ;).
I love this theme. it looks good. I never played IIDX before but I have a couple of themes like IIDX on stepmania and i've gotten used to the sound affects.
Hey, as I am a big fan of IIDX, I loved this theme. Its perfect. The only thing I have to say anything about is the pointer...
On fast maps, it happens I cant find it, and that results in a fail, lawl. But I guess that just is a habbit I have to get used to, to focus on a smaller pointer.

Anyhow, GJ=)

BTW, this is my first forum post after 2 years with OSU! xD
awesome skin!
Very nice, keep it. :3
Made a new cursor for it.
Its the turntable image.
Just right lick image >Save Image As..> save>put it into skin folder

^ rofl
First off, I don't know why you're bumping this thread of all threads.

Secondly, why on earth is it 640x480?
Hey at least it works.
I'll resize it later on.
It's... a rectangle on a circle? You're forgetting the actual black portion around the entire thing. And if anything, you could've included the slightest gradient/shade.

orz I honestly don't see why you would suggest a turntable for a cursor. Plus, this is already a really (old) high quality skin, and what you made would take 5 seconds to make at the very most.
nice skin .. im using it at moment is cool xD

thanks for release it :D
Cursor like "want you gone" 's cursor lol :3

I'm using this thanks :3
Oh, this is cool skin!
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