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A complete discography of original songs and cover songs can be found listed below in as the franchise and mobile game, BanG Dream! Girls Band Party! constantly updates with new songs.
  1. BanG Dream! Official Site
  2. BanG Dream! Girls Band Party Official Site
  3. Bandori.party Community Site

Ranked Beatmaps:
  1. Beatmap Listing

Anime Discography:

Season 1
  1. Opening
  2. Ending
Season 2
  1. Opening 1
  2. Opening 2
  3. Ending
Season 3
  1. Opening
  2. Ending
  1. Garupa Pico OP
  2. Pastel Life OP
  3. Movie OP
  4. Movie ED

Beatmap Packs:

The franchise has grown a lot since it's inception in the years past. So much has happened and the community has grown fond of what used to be small and insignificant. Hope to see more ranked beatmaps in the future!
For the songs that hasn't come out with a single and are only in the game (such as the covers) you will have to find someone to datamine the songs for you.
This channel has all the songs the game has. Tbh I don't think we will ever see full covers or even the short ones being released.

For the PoPiPa songs, Roselia Single and the upcoming PasuPare Single id redirect you to nyaa but that isn't a thing anymore but I'll go find .mp3s.
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We should find a good source for all the audio files. YouTube usually re-encodes the video usually leading to slightly lower quality. nyaa is still active. Just use their IRC. Some songs are game-exclusive such as covers. Until we find a better source, the link you provided should be OK enough.
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