Blythe Joustra - Ghost Town

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Nitronic Techno
This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on 04 June 2017 at 02:57:57

Artist: Blythe Joustra
Title: Ghost Town
Source: Crash Bandicoot
BPM: 176
Filesize: 2999kb
Play Time: 02:00
Difficulties Available:
  1. Extra (5.1 stars, 420 notes)
  2. Ghost Town! (5.86 stars, 572 notes)

Download: Blythe Joustra - Ghost Town
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing
Hello! Hello!,
Welcome to the ghost town, This town was left deserted after a unknown cause made the townfolk started building an assortment of beatmap's difficulty after finding jewel and gems to even make any rich people jealous. However, as soon as they finish building they build tracks laying out the town, yea... weird right? As soon as it finish, the townsfolk disappeared without a trace and it was believed that the mines where cursed and were seal off. However the town still lived on and it is said that the people who lived here are, still here. Leading people to their design making some people believe they had conscious of what was going on, but much to be debated. These townsfolk that have built this all so many time ago started attracting people and getting them to play the tracks and the beatmap and made a hell of commotion. But it was short lived. After much commotion like the townsfolk all that time ago it was whispered away. Gone in the wind. The town was left. Bitten by the sand it laid in. Ridiculed by the towering inferno laydent above. It wasn't until two marsupial. One; small, sleek and speedy by look. The other, stocky, crunching for footsteps and always cracking his bones. The two saw the town and saw the track that laid all over and thought it would be a nice to race each other on the course laid out on them. Unbeknownst to them, As they was starting to race, a spectator had watch them. This spectator saw that the track also started a tune which the old beatmap were playing as they were racing. It was then when they finish, the marsupial heard the clapping of the spectator and turn to see it. They wonder who the spectator was and their answer was revealed as the spectator came down from the building the spectator was watching from and show a mysterious man who with white hair, glass and a broad outlook of the human anatomy. He spoke out saying his named was Beat Nitro or Nitronic Techno and he was out here look up this town and why it was left alone after people got back into the town. He explained about the story of the townsfolk and stated that the town was cursed by music and so the townsfolk had to built this labyrinth of tracks to make these what he explained to them as beatmap and that all around was different difficulty. He then explain, that some years earlier it was popular to play in this town but people then just left this town, with no explanation, and people who play today have no remembrance of this map. He explain that it was different to them as it contain a rhythm aspect. He was asked about what do they do and why it here. And that was a question he was trying to find out. He then said that it is best that if the marsupial only keep on the tracks only because he assumed that the cursed laid mostly on the beatmaps. They agree and they said they were continuing on a quest they were already on and had time to spare. So the marsupial left Nitronic alone in the town, And he set to work out seeing what the cursed would do and fixing this town to what it originally was.
- Nitronic Techno[Beat Nitro]
Ah! You've seem to have taken the 2nd highest difficulty racetrack in this group of madness how Fortunate?... Yea this my prove a challenge since we have strolled into the some small cs's. If feel quite like another mapper has made this but I'm unsure of whom it could be [Thinking in progress] ... No, no-one come to mind, Oh well. Still small cs come sharp accuracy so you must be very happy, probably those feeling that the HR train will come in handy Ha Ha ... Well venture in and see how well they have prepare'd you for this because this ghost town difficulty may have you biting the dust before you could reach the hardest part. So between you and me ... don't get too cocky.
Nitro is not here but there is a post that lays here. It Reads "This town have been cursed due to the rising of gold, diamond and other assortments of jewels. The rush for these solid rocks must come with clean accuracy and good reaction plus the other various all sorts to get to the heart of this ghost town and find out the true meaning of this cursed. So I suggest prepare yourself because... Thing seem rough only if you are not ready."
A secondary note is under this post stating " P.S. Don't attempt if you are unable to be confident in your skills and not for the weak-willed."
-[Part of the name whithered off]tra
After reading a whispering voice come from the difficulty saying "try me if you dare"
There nothing left for you to do unless, Do you want to enter?
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