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If you are using the latest Windows 10 "Creators" update, then you most likely are experiencing an issue with your Tablet peripheral not working as intended, or your cursor being stuck in the top left of your screen.

This seems to be an issue with Windows Ink & Raw input in the latest Windows update, as having Windows Ink and or Raw input enabled causes the cursor to not work for most.

Currently the only "fix" or workarounds are to;
  1. Disable Windows Ink
    For Wacom or Huion H430P Tablet Users, there should be a checkbox in your Tablet Driver settings to disable / enable Windows ink. You want to uncheck it.

    For Wacom tablets, it is located in the Mapping section of your drivers:

    For the Huion H430P, it is located in the Digital Pen section of your drivers:

    For Huion (excluding the H430P) or other Tablets, Please check for a "Support TabletPC" option or checkbox, disable it. If the driver you are using does not have a checkbox toggle, you may have to follow these steps.

    1. Find your tabletconfig.ini in your driver folder.

    2. Change SupportINKDisalbe to 0 (Disable) Might be different dependent on language.

    Visual Representation courtesy of of pasi123567

    If you don't have a Huion tablet, I'm sure the procedure should be similar. If you can't figure it out. Try Googling your Tablet and seeing if you can't find out the info there.
  2. Disable Raw Input

  3. Rollback to the previous Windows update.

These "luckily" seem to work a good Majority of the time. If none work, please check the replies to this thread for any other potential fix. It's also possible your issue is caused by something else, and not this one specifically.

Do remember that having your sensitivity set to anything not 1x will force Raw Input, and so you will have to set your sensitivity to 1x.

If this messed up your Tablet Area, please change the active area in your Tablet Driver Settings instead of using Sensitivity ingame.

This thread serves to show this is a known current issue. Please do not post in this thread unless you have found another Workaround or "Fix", and or have some information that could be useful to this issue.

DO NOT BUMP THIS THREAD WITH "Thanks", "same", or "I have this issue too and none of the fixes work :(" If none of the fixes work, you can try making a new thread, as it's possible this is not your issue.

Curse you Windows 10.
Has there already been a fix for this other than those two options?
If not then would you be able to tell me approximately when will this be fixed?

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