IGZ SummerTour 2017 #1 [Ended]

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Welcome to first part of the InfinityGamerZ Summer Tour 2017!

| Discord | Schedule/Results | Mappool | Tour Standings | Stream | Registration 10k-50k | Registration 50k-100k |

For this summer, we will be running 2 Tours, one for 10k-50k and one for 50k-100k
IGZST #1 will be played over 2 weekends between 20th and 28th of May.
Max number of players is 32 for both rank tiers (First come, first serve)
We will be using Score V1
Counts towards Summer Tour total standings
Looking for staff!

- Join the Discord! And change your nickname to your Osu! In-game name
- Tournament will be played over 2 weekends of Groupstage and Double Elimination Knockout Stage for top players (schedule will be found on google docs)
- Mappools will consist of 5 NoMod, 2 HardRock, 2 Hidden, 2 DoubleTime, 3 FreeMod and 1 TieBreaker map totaling to 15 maps.
- Referee will create the room, unless if they’re still busy with their earlier match
- Room Name: IGZST[Player A – Player B]
- Room should be locked with a password
- No extra players, viewers or ghosties are allowed in the room, apart tournament referee/admin
- Respect your opponent
- Both players may choose 1 (One) Warm-up map each, MAP MUST NOT BE PART OF THE MAPPOOL
- Maximum length of the warm-up map is 3 minutes
- Players are responsible for showing up on the scheduled time
- The player with higher !roll will start the ban/pick Phase
Higher roll Ban
Lower roll Ban
Higher roll Pick
Lower roll Pick
- Groupstage matches will be played as Bo5 (First to 3 wins)
- Groupstage will be played with Korean-style (Double-elim groups)
- Knockout stage will be played as Bo5. WB final/LB final/Grand Final as Bo7 (First to 4 wins)
- Players are allowed to ban 1 (one) map
- In case of tie (2-2,3-3) a Tie-Breaker map will be played (Pre-Determined)
- Each map is played with their respective mods, NoMod = no mods, HR = Hardrock etc...
- For FreeMod both players must pick atleast one mod (HR/HD/FL/EZ)
- If player Disconnects during a song and the result doesn't show up in MPlink will the map be reqistered as loss. (MPLink has the final say)
Maps will not be replayed, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE
- Double fail overwrites the rule above, the player who picked the map gets to re-pick a map
- Incase the Double fail occurs on the TieBreaker map, the player with higher score wins
- After disconnecting player has 10mins to reconnect, if he fails to do so, will the match be marked as x-3 loss, x being the number of maps he won before disconnecting
- Tie-Breaker will be played with LightFreeMod rules (Mods allowed, but not forced)
- Failed scores do NOT count
- Tournament is open for players of 10k-50k and 50k-100k rank
- Player must be within the rank range when registrating and when registration closes
- if player goes outside of the rank range is he/she still allowed to take part aslong as his/her rank doesnt go below 9k (for 10k-50k) or 45k (for 50k-100k) at any point during the tournament.
- Fail participation (Registrating but not showing up) will result in being banned for the rest of Summer Tour
- If a player misses their first match, will he/she be replaced with the first player from reserve list that is online at current point
- Arriving late results in following penalties
+5min Loss of warmup map
+10min DQ + Replacement from reserve list
- Showing disrespect towards rules/opponent/referee will result in DQ
Mappools can be found here
10 – 50k
Rank between 10-50k And minimum of 100 hours of playtime

50 – 100k
Rank between 50-100k And minimum of 75 hours of playtime

Joining Discord is mandatory!
ps. if you don't find your name here you either weren't on discord or I just didn't find you from there (switch your nickname into your Osu! name)
1. Tioners
2. Wh0Am1
3. Un4given
4. BeatingHeart
5. Kentaro
6. AlejoNande
7. Kizmah
8. YoshiLover456
9. SaberBG
10. ebanineo
11. Retro Cat
12. wegh
13. ImNotBrandon
14. allUGHver
15. mus1cholic
16. Snajper
17. LightsOut
18. NeLiItsMe
19. -Kiisu-
20. XmyriiMonax
21. maciej1maciek11
22. Jjoner
23. jakoblikegames
24. Helios3D
25. Sm0k
26. H4CK_Iron
27. MaverickTex
28. HiddenSenpai
29. TripleD
30. Zonthem
31. DarkSharky
32. FreeZeOH

Reserve list:
33. Mazep17
34. DrakonLong
35. Icerite
36. Fabeon
37. Tigzick
38. FeelDaTonneh
39. ColorfulMind
40. Coma_HVC
41. Pr3dator-kun
42. Adrien
43. Jon
44. Instinctsz
45. Stedoss
46. Lewdna
47. Meggomegg
48. JRSiwiecki
49. Ale
50. StephOsu
51. Axera
52. ImagineMei
53. TVim
54. Endrobrine
55. Azzli-chan
56. shcooba
57. Bushyismyname
58. Jintsuu

1. Fuutori
2. ItsXperience
3. Xayler
4. destroyerwilly
5. breadman
6. OhhitsZelda_
7. aleks44367
8. Shairys
9. Geospeople
10. Moonwake
11. MrPringles1
12. Turnz
13. Chase
14. Addstir
15. Asrea
16. Curty2
17. LolisAreFlat
18. CharmCaster
19. DreiAmoebe
20. Schmocky
21. Tsundere-Chan
22. ProJared
23. Shirza
24. SoroKenshi vVv
25. [James]
26. dhmz28
27. Cindelluna
28. Ejay
29. EricT45
30. maylypeji
31. harion25
32. Wassero

Reserve list:
33. ShadowFX
34. Holoiswaifu1
Form for staff apps can be found here
Winner: 4 Months of Osu! Supporter
2nd Place: 2 Months of Osu! Supporter
3rd Place: 1 Month of Osu! Supporter

Winner: 2 Months of Osu! Supporter (Provided by Zonthem)
2nd Place: 1 Month of Osu! Supporter (Provided by BeatingHeart)

On top of Supporter Prizes, players will be receiving SummerTour Points according to their placement.
15.5. Groupstage Mappool release
18.5. 16:00 UTC Registration Ends
18.5. ~20:00 UTC Schedule release
20.5. 12:00 UTC-> Groups Day1
21.5. 12:00 UTC-> Groups Day2
27.5. 12:00 UTC-> Knockout Day1
28.5. 12:00 UTC-> Knockout Day2

28.5. ~19:00 UTC GrandFinals
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Updated the Participant list as well as rest of the post... had some stuff that wasn't supposed to be there quite yet.
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Updated participant list. Remainder Joining Discord is mandatory!
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Participant list updated!
Will the whole tournament be streamed?
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MrPringles1 wrote:

Will the whole tournament be streamed?
I am trying to get some stream going, but I can't promise anything but the finals just yet.
so sad i'm not really comfortable with speaking english, i would have cast otherwise
tbag why 50k-100k :( i cant join i cant reach the 100k til then but i really want to
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rini90 wrote:

tbag why 50k-100k :( i cant join i cant reach the 100k til then but i really want to
Sorry man :/ we've been using this range for a while now.
i was like rank 90k but then i couldnt play for a long time and now i an really bad.
NP Next time i'm maybe back :)
mind me but is there a prize for winning or something?

rlly in need of supporter ;-; registered btw
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Pr3dator-kun wrote:

mind me but is there a prize for winning or something?

rlly in need of supporter ;-; registered btw
There'll be something, it'll be announced sometime during next week. Remember to join the Discord and swap your nickname!
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Updated Participantlist and added Prizes!
10k-50k players get better prizes? :thinking:
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Xayler wrote:

10k-50k players get better prizes? :thinking:
When will the Mappool be released=? :)
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Mappool released :)
where? :D
Watch the top of the forst post, not the box
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Schedule (Which is almost ready) Is up now, Here!
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