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A minimal gameplay oriented skin

Blueberry is a minimal, flat and aesthetically pleasing skin.
It features a sleek dark and flat UI and non-distracting gameplay elements.

You can choose between two other presets if you open the skin folder:
Eyecandy and Focused

For focused gameplay it is recommended to choose the "Focused" preset.

To choose a preset, copy the elements within the folder into the root of the skin folder.

You can see more alternative skinning elements in the "Extras" folder

Song selection

Mod selection

Standard gameplay

Mania gameplay

Taiko gameplay

Ranking screen

Showcase video by b00

Standard gameplay video by Mir

Mania gameplay video by kingdaro

sick skin, bhoii !!!!
gud skin, mir gameplay was horrible tho, please fix
agreed i succ at this fgame XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
we know...
still bummed
Fuck me, this is great.
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Skin update!

v1.2 ... y-v1.2.osk


- Made "Focus" the default skin preset
- Removed "Default" preset
- Made focus hitcircles more muted and less opaque
clean af feelsgoodman
This is my favorite skin now, thank you.

Personally I prefer more visible follow points and I removed the "combobreak" sound, but I really enjoy playing with this skin.
seems to be a viable skin. i can actually play with this while ive played with a certain skin for 2 years

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Skin update!

v1.2.1 ... v1.2.1.osk


- Fixed SD elements missing
Nicu skin fam <3
Might feature it in a skin video on my channel soon!

Yeah, its pretty good
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Skin update!



- Fixed scorebar color changing (It's now a solid white no matter what)
- Skinned menu button
- Added a menu background and analyser color
Have been using your skin for a couple weeks, and so far I like it, your skin will get reviewed by skins! in the near future, InComp put it on his todo list.

Hope you keep making skins, wish you luck ! :D
this skin is so clean, it has no distractions and i like how i can add more combo colors. i seriously love this!
This is a solid minimalistic skin. :)
Yuck, that cursor looks iike it's taken from Aestetic!

EDIT1: I'll be sure to give some more in-depth feedback later
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h3oCharles wrote:

Yuck, that cursor looks iike it's taken from Aestetic!

EDIT1: I'll be sure to give some more in-depth feedback later
All the elements are not taken from another skin and are all made by me. But I might consider changing the cursor or making it optional if it's a problem. But I have never seen anything similar in other skins, sorry!
I think this skin would benefit from a lot more of customization...

- a white hit circle overlay but it's not occupying the color entirely
- more colors for cursor
- trails for cursors, both short and long

the spinner approach circle is waaaaaay to big, it's not a 1:1 scale for the spinner itself
I don't like how there are 100K and 300g... the K is high cased, while g isn't.

MISS! <-- although some ppl prefer that, I'd rather have a cross for a miss, like in the default skin.

and you should go and find a bunch of menu sounds to include as well if possible.

the menu button isn't skinned
and won't comment on other modes since not skinned.
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Skin update!



- Fixed spinner approach circle
- Fixed "300g" instead of "300G" hitburst in focused version
- Added SD menu button element (It was missing)
- Made approach circle thicker
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