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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on 1 сентября 2017 г. at 21:09:14

Artist: Daisuke Ishiwatari
Title: Condemnation Wings
Tags: 菊田 大介 Daisuke Kikuta ブレイブルー コンティニュアム シフト Arc System Works Tsubaki Yayoi ツバキ=ヤヨイ 佐藤 ノリチカ Norichika Sato EvilElvis
BPM: 258
Filesize: 10744kb
Play Time: 05:40
Difficulties Available:
  1. Requiem Aeternam (6,87 stars, 1623 notes)

Download: Daisuke Ishiwatari - Condemnation Wings
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing
diffname is name of her ULTRA-GIGA-SUPER-WAIFU-PANTSU attack
also i want to keep source in english because because
Fucke dddddd
better rank One Dawn
Omg kiiwa in my thread big fan
Сначала хотел ругаться из-за того, что хитсаундов нет, потом заметил 02:01:123 (1) -
и я
BlazBlue OST is awesome, glad to see a map of it :D
00:00:077 (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,1) - this section is pretty weird in terms of rythm, and the stacking doesnt really help with reading it correctly. might have to change it so it plays better

00:10:659 (2) - there is no sound here, you should remove this circle.

00:29:030 (1,2,3,4) - i dont really like these almost straight non-equal distance patterns throughout the map. i think the stacking also plays a part in how it looks kinda bad, but its also the non-equal distance between them. really just looks bad in my opinion, dont see a reason why you would do this. doesnt really add anything to the map. its basically like you are putting them on purpose either horizontally or vertically and in the center, but just move them a little bit so they wont be really perfect.

also generally you do this with some other square ish patterns in the map where you just chnage by just a little of them like on purpose so they are not perfect, i can see thats ur style but try relooking some of them. not only squares too, but like random really tiny DS changes in some parts while in others you dont. for example : 04:43:565 (2,3,4). this is just one example, there are others that are really just such little diffrences that just keeping DS between them the same would just make the map generally cleaner.

00:41:937 (2,3,1,2,1,2,3,4,1,2,3) - feels like too much back and forth motion imo, becomes too jittery feeling towards the end of the pattern

02:24:147 (2,3,4,1,2,3,4,1,2,3,4,1) - this pattern is way to hard to hit because of the flow of it. being really hard it doesnt really fit into this part of the song too well.

overlaps or barely overlaps that sholuld probably fix:
02:13:681 (3,4,5,6)
02:31:007 (1,2,3)
02:51:123 (2), 02:51:472 (1)
01:25:310 (2,3), 01:25:891 (1)
01:48:216 (6), 01:48:798 (2)
01:34:263 (3), 01:34:496 (5)
04:19:263 (1,2,3)
there are probably a couple that i either missed or that i thought you probably dont think they matter and dont really need change

Lama Poluna wrote:

better rank One Dawn
Better let me mind my own business
vape business
doing my favourite thing, complaining about rhythm stuff in another futile attempt of understanding the mind of russian mappers

  1. 00:11:007 (4,5) - the missing note between those irritates me every play
  2. 00:17:286 (2) - this is the only slider in this section which covers two distinct guitar notes. usually you only have them on clickables. so you might want to make this one into two circles and stack 3 on top of 4 instead like you did in occasions like 00:19:961 (2,3) -
  3. 00:22:170 (4) - i'd delete this one. i can make out a weak drum on it, but i think deleting it would fit the map and it's emphasis better, brings out the guitar more. plays better for me as well
  4. 00:27:984 (6) - just gonna say that this isn't an actual guitar note but rather the end of one, the note is getting muted here. so leaving it blank (if you don't care about the cymbal that is) or stacking it on 5 might be an idea to concider
  5. 00:53:333 (1,2,3,4,5) - this one seems and plays weird. first there is the extended slider that isn't really conclusive to me. as in why is one here of all places, nothing really special happens here and it's in the middle of the second part of a section, so it comes without establishment and out of nowhere i feel (unlike here where it marks a transition and is thus fine 00:55:193 (1,2) - ). then 3,4 and 5 are odd because the sliders are on unusual sounds, or well, the first one isn't on any sound at all even. the sliders should start a 1/2 earlier so it captures both string instrument and guitar, whichever you prefere.
  6. 00:55:891 (5,6) - would be cool to have those spaced away from 4 a bit to differentiate them being on snare drums rather than a bass as 4. depending on what kind of flow you want options range from simple ctrl g to putting them on the bottom half of the screen in the manner of http://puu.sh/wKBK0/953e4c79ca.jpg which would also add a note of explosiveness if that is desirable to you
  7. 01:25:310 (2,3,4,5) - the gap is pretty offthrowing since it skips the exact same drums that make up the large jumps on 2,3,5. so i'd add a note on the white and place it aroud the middle of the triangle like http://puu.sh/wKBY1/a2aa5f739c.jpg to keep movement low and create a similar feeling of what you had with the gap
  8. 01:33:333 (1,2,3,1,2,3,4) - just not sure what you're going for with this in general except for continuous circular movement
  9. 01:37:868 (1,2) - why not just a long slider on 1, there isn't really anything on the downbeat
  10. 01:38:914 (1,2,1,2,1,2,1,2,1,2,3) - these are also a bit of a guessing game while playing. aside of knowing the guitar notes being on 3/2 stacks the fill ins don't make much sense musically i feel. even if it ends up being the a single plus a triple x3, one can't really know that from the beginning and listening to drums won't exactly give it away, in fact it will mislead anyone who doesn't doesn't purely read on sight. http://puu.sh/wKCs4/3dbba4fc45.jpg this woul dcapture the major drums and would make for a better filler between guitars imo (not even moving notes on the playfield with that btw, just on the timeline and it works for me at least)
  11. 01:56:937 (1,2) - how about making those into a straight slider on the same angle like http://puu.sh/wKCzH/6af82fc8ab.jpg in order to differentiate between drum and guitar notes. because atm the spacing and object choice in combination don't really match up with the song imo
  12. 02:22:984 (2,3,4,5,6) - is a bit too spammy with fillers for the kind of part it is imo. an object choice like http://puu.sh/wKCFN/ac342fbeb3.jpg would make sense to me or with the second slider being notes maybe if you want to put more emphasis on the transition.
  13. 03:05:658 (5,6,7,8) - very weird rhythm choice. there's emphasis on 6, which doesn't have a distinct sound to it, then a gap on a low bass drum, a reinstancing 7 which can work on it's own but then an emphasised note with 8 on again, nothing, which takes from 7's purpose int eh process. so yeah, i'd like to see a retake on that rhythm. similar issues with 03:07:635 (2,3,4,5) -
  14. 03:20:193 (1,2) - would make a long slider out of it for the guitar's sake. would work nicely with the same slider but scaled up. but i guess it works if you just want to cut the movement, just wante to have mentioned it in case.
  15. 03:41:356 (6,8) - (03:45:077 (3,5) - )these notes are not played by the same foreground drum the rest of the part seems to follow. not sure if those can be justified as fillers from how the part works otherwise.
  16. 03:54:379 (3) - all instruments stop here, so this is blank. don't know if you want to bridge for a continuous flow in the transition. i just wouldn't myself
  17. 04:12:577 (6,3) - don't know what the triples are for, they're certainly not in the song
  18. 04:15:193 (1,2,1) - how about http://puu.sh/wKDqj/1bb0110299.jpg . it puts more accurate emphasis on the 3/4 drum and guitar as well as making a distinction from the following 04:16:123 (1,2,1,2) - , making them have a feeling of speeding up from the before instead of being equal, which is preferable imo
  19. 04:24:030 (1,2,1,2) - might be good to reverse the spacing on these sets. having the first two be farther apart form each other than the second two. goes along with the guitar pitch and creates a sharper contrast for the following slider
  20. 04:27:635 (1) - the spacing increase (and nc) comes too early here. should be on 04:27:751 (3) -
  21. 04:29:844 (4,1) - what's the point of having a gap here? could just use another note on top of 4 like 2 is on top of 1. seems kind of random to have a gap there where the isntrument making up the pattern just continues over it
  22. compulsory disclaimer; some of the points reoccur in second or third iterations of a part in the song or in the second half of the same one in a very similar or identical manner (nice consistency). so if anything is aplied ofc it affects those too

flow's neat, sliders are cool

throwing a lot of debris, let's see what sticks
have fun hitsounding
u know my number
911 please i need iggybebisel

Fookiz wrote:

1)i disagree that rhythms are weird, it's accurate mapped to the bells, so it's more about catching the rhythm properly
2)i can hear the bell
3)well thats sort of way to give a variations to the gameplay in case song is pretty repetetive and making everything equall will be boring as hell
4)yea tried to
5)fine for me
6)yeah remade it
7)uuuh no

Deramok wrote:

1)well i map only strong bells in this part so can't help it (it will be just too spammy for this part) ok ye
2)00:19:147 (2) - there is the second one, also it's all about how strong guitar, it differs these parts where first sound mapped with circle
3)uuuuh, i prefer to keep it because it gives more this part intensivity which i wanted to have while not using jumps or fast shitty sliers
4)sounds equall with others enough to not accept for me
5)actually whatver instrument it is sounds different with what it usually is so it's a way to emhpasise it
6)yeah i agree
7)i was going for circular movement
8)yeah nice catch
9)i believe people still can use ar as instrument to read, also this concept already was introduced partly in the map, so people should already know what they can expect here
10)uhhh no, i need these for the sake of intensivity
11)i agree, fixed
12)now since it's hitsouned you'll see why i made it like that, also i simply like how these feels in pair with this gap used next
13)ye done
14)but they dont
15)emphasising guitar with em
16)uuuh i like it as is
18)well thats how most important bells sound so ye

thank you for mods and stuff!
16:22 Jounzan: heeey sorry to bother, but would you mind to test my map?
16:22 Axarious: suresure
16:23 Jounzan: https://osu.ppy.sh/s/605523
16:23 Jounzan: also in case it's a lol i can give you a map we planned to use
16:23 Jounzan: in yaca mappool
16:23 Axarious: this map?
16:23 Jounzan: i was mapping it but found it too cancerous
16:23 Jounzan: no
16:23 Jounzan: https://osu.ppy.sh/s/657779
16:29 Jounzan: this is one i was talking about
16:29 Axarious: o
16:29 Axarious: that one's fun
16:29 Axarious: hehe
16:29 Jounzan: now it looks even harder
16:29 Jounzan: than it was before
16:29 Jounzan: lmao
16:30 Axarious: which one?
16:30 Axarious: i think they're both pretty hard LOL
16:33 Jounzan: the condemnation wings
16:33 Axarious: o
16:33 Jounzan: lol
16:33 Axarious: sliders are a little hard to read
16:33 Jounzan: yeah that was good decision to not add it to the mappol
16:33 Jounzan: lol
16:33 Axarious: haha
16:34 Jounzan: did you noted anything triggering on the first one?
16:34 Jounzan: i actually plan to rank it
16:35 Axarious: 00:11:123 -
16:35 Axarious: is there supposed to be a circle here?
16:35 Jounzan: the idea was mapping only most important bells
16:36 Jounzan: but well you are not the first calling for this
16:36 Jounzan: so idk
16:36 Jounzan: personally i like it how it is but since there is 4 people calling for circle alreaddy i probably have to add it lo
16:36 Axarious: lo
16:37 Axarious: also why tick rate 2 O:
16:37 Jounzan: because of hitsounding
16:37 Axarious: oic
16:37 Jounzan: i thought i'll add something
16:37 Jounzan: on tics
16:37 Jounzan: on the red ones
16:37 Jounzan: but in the end i just forgot to change it to 1
16:37 Jounzan: lol
16:38 Axarious: ohk
16:38 Axarious: since tick rate 2 is kinda hard to aim
16:38 Axarious: 01:20:310 (1,4) -
16:38 Axarious: i think this was weird to see
16:39 Jounzan: yeye i used 1
16:40 Axarious: 00:57:403 (1,2,3,4,5) -
16:40 Axarious: i guess this is a little unexpected since
16:40 Axarious: the previous 6 circles go 1-2-3
16:41 Axarious: and then this pattern goes back on itself
16:42 Jounzan: well it's like guitar goes different way here so i used it to emhasise it
16:42 Axarious: ic
16:42 Axarious: 04:27:286 (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,1,2,3,4,1,2) - ee
16:43 Axarious: scary
16:44 Jounzan: what if i'll move it to make movement linear from 04:27:054 (2) - for example like https://osu.ppy.sh/ss/8944837
16:44 Axarious: i think it's just the speed
16:44 Axarious: 260 bpm stream is hard with that spacing
16:44 Axarious: + two slider jumps at the end
16:45 Jounzan: okay i'll try to think something about this one
16:45 Jounzan: don't really like these jumps tho
16:46 Axarious: hm
16:46 Axarious: i think that's all
16:46 Axarious: major thing is just tick rate i think
16:46 Jounzan: can you post something on the thread
16:47 Jounzan: so i can kd
16:47 Axarious: oo oki
i hope stream is easier now (at least now it mapped without these disgusting jumps)

00:21:007 (2,3,4,5) - подвинуть чуть левее? Морально тяжело смотреть на то, как тут несимметрично!
00:47:519 (4,5) - слабо чувствуется момент в музыке из-за стака, но тут явно сильнее музыка, чем в стакнутых двойках до этого. Можно тут запихать ноту-5 под слайдер или слайдер вообще сделать из двух нот, чтобы вот так было: http://i.imgur.com/9WyWtC0.jpg
00:57:751 (4,5) - играется странно немного из-за того, что до этого был вот такой паттерн 00:56:705 (2,3,4,1,2,3) - , поэтому, возможно, ctrl+g конкретно на нотах 4-5. Ну или просто их сделать не под 1-2.
01:14:728 (1,1,1) - http://i.imgur.com/4rgzPND.png — можно поровнее сделать этот момент!
02:07:635 (1,2,3,4) - тут мне просто интересно, а почему всё в одном месте?
02:25:077 (2,3) - я бы тут ctrl+G сделал, чтобы паттерн напоминал 02:24:496 (1,2,3,4) - вот этот.
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