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Problem Details: This is about the 4th occasion where this has happened to me in the past 4-5 days. After I start playing, all scores I get wont be submitted beyond a seemingly random point until I restart my game despite me being online. It doesn't even show the "submitting" loading thing. I think this happened to me twice just yesterday and the first time it happened I beat one of my PBs, noticed it didn't submit, so I checked the up time status to see that score submission was still up. After another score didn't submit I found that restarting my game fixed it and of course, I've been doing that every time after.
So, I'm online, score submission is up, it doesn't matter if it's a mania map or convert, and it doesn't matter if I beat one of my PBs or if I beat a map for the first time, my scores wont be submitted after it starts happening unless I restart.

Video or screenshot showing the problem: This happened about an hour ago an is the only one I actually recorded.
First video is the song I played right before the song where the score wasn't submitted, you can see that the first one was submitted and the second one gave me a rank but only locally. There was about a 1-3 minute gap between me finishing that one and picking the next one.

osu! version: 20170404.2 (latest)

5/21/17 still happening obviously not a 1 time thing. The most recent one happened just now at 4:53 central time. I didn't alt+tab, go to main menu, change settings, or even type in the filter, all I did was press the right and left arrow key to switch songs as I had been before. Nothing happened in between except for me scrolling through songs. Checked the status page and everything is still up, just like the last time.

5/28/17 Boy oh boy. After my 78th try on symphony of the night I finally beat it and score doesn't register for absolutely no reason once again. Score submission still up my internet is fine. Happened around 5:50 central time.


As you can see it's clearly counting as me playing it, my score shows up in the local scores but doesn't overlap my global. It only seems to happen if it's my #1. I've lost an endless about of personal bests. The last time my score didn't count I left osu on overnight to no avail. There was no retrying to submit my score and I would think having a spectator is a clear indicator that I'm online the entirety of the song.
I did but it doesn't really seem to apply to me. If I did have anything open then it had been open the entire duration I was playing. I don't know why it'd randomly kick in and make my score stop submitting.
This has started happening to me aswell, stopped submitting around yesterday night, I checked the article and the lot but it doesn't really apply to me either. The programs I do have open is only discord and that's always on anyway, I did turn it off and set a score but that didn't have any effect so i'm kind've lost at what to do D:

I hope it's just temporary and resolves itself soon enough but I shall keep trying things!
Going to bump this because this problem is still happening. It doesn't matter if I have anything open in the background or not. I've tried leaving my osu open overnight in hopes it would try to submit again. It's not because scores are down. It happens both on songs I've played for the first time and songs I've played multiple times before. My internet is fine. The only mod I have on is hidden.
The only way to get scores to start submitting past the initial incident is to restart my game, as you can see in the video here:

After I took this video I restarted my game, replayed the song and got nowhere near what I scored here but still beat my personal best and guess what; it submitted
I have the exact same problem and it's occurring more and more often
For you it happened 4 months ago for me only 1 or 2

I thought it was once in a lifetime but since this week it's occurring so often (3-10 times a day) it's just scary to go for good plays
I still have this happening 2+ times a day. I've lost so many scores to this and I'm not the only one. Infuriating.
It keeps happening to me after playing for a while, then taking a break, then coming back to not being able to submit, is this fixed in a later release already or not?
Doesn't look like it's fixed. I had a score not submit, restarted my game, did another play that didn't submit, restarted it a 3rd time and it finally submitted. After each play I asked in #mania whether or not their scores were submitting and everyone said it was fine. Since I was able to chat in #mania my internet was obviously still there.

Another score that didn't submit 40 min after posting this.

Snow Drive play didn't submit for seemingly no reason but the play afterward did. I didn't restart my game at any point between these plays and only alt+tabbed after getting the Snow Drive play that didn't submit.

Viewing a shadowplay recording reveals no disconnect notification mid play as seen in my original post and plays after this play seem to submit... sometimes.

Restarted my game again, first play submitted, second play didn't. I did nothing between these plays except for press the right arrow key to scroll down and add the beatmap to a collection before playing it.
Most recent play didn't submit but the one before did.
I'm having the same issue. I tried restarting a map about 8 times and all of them didn't submit. Tried playing other maps and none of those scores was submitted.
Leaving the client open for several hours but nothing happen. Play multi and scores was not submitted as well. Restarting the client, signing out and in also didn't work.

I saw other posts of people having the same issue, but as I read them there's no clue on how to fix this nor the reason behind it. :(
Still happening. I'm online, you can see that I can rate the map.
Edit: Whilst in the middle of the song an update became available. Not sure if that had anything to do with this particular score not submitting but as for the tens of other scores that haven't submitted there was no update but the end screen looked exactly the same.

- 12/27/17 -
Last 2 scores that didn't submit ended with this exact same end screen, allowing me to (successfully) rate the song but not actually applying the score to my profile (despite appearing in my play history). After each occasion I went back to the main menu to see if there was an available update (which there wasn't) before restarting my game. I'll also mention I've moved from stable to cutting edge between the time of this initial reply and the update I'm just now posting. Obviously it hasn't had any effect.

- 12/29/17 -
Last 2 scores that didn't submit ended once again with the same screen though didn't show in play history despite me being online, completely able to see other peoples' scores and having previous scores submit without any delay.

- 1/3/18 -
Again... This time on NANO DEATH!!!!![DEATH]
Real disappointing.

- 1/4/18 -
Another pp play down the drain
Play after this one submitted despite me not restarting. Last one still into the void though.
Ah great, the very next play doesn't submit. It seems like any time I get a play worth pp or worthwhile it doesn't submit.

- 1/9/18 -
2 more in a row. Both marathon length. Cool
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