STK3 - [80k-150k] - 2v2 - [Winner - we don't know!!]

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ill onion

Welcome to Illinon's Third Installment of STK!!


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osu!standard 2v2 matches.
There will be 2 to 4 players to a team.
First round seeded by Average pp.
- Priority will be given to teams with more players.
- Maximum 64 teams
- First Come, First Serve
This will be a Double Elimination
The rank range for this tournament is 80-150k. You will only be accepted if you are in this range.
- At the time of registration AND
- When registration period ends
- There is no rank limit after registration ends.
It will start with the first round being BO5 eventually progressing to a BO13 grandfinal.
The times of the matches will be set by scheduled for you. However, you may reschedule if you wish.
- Evidence MUST be shown that you have negotiated with your opponents
If less than two players show up, the match will be played without the missing members.
NOTE: You will have a set period of time before each round to reschedule your matches. After the set period is over, no more reschedules will be accepted.
There will be 6 no mod, 4 hardrock, 4 hidden, 4 doubletime, 5 free mod per mappool and 1 tiebreaker.
- The freemod pick must have at least one person (from each team) using at least one mod.
- The tiebreaker map will be freemod. However, it is not essential for anyone to pick a mod.


1. Lobby creation: Team mode: Team vs, Win Condition: Score v2
2. No team can select more than one map from each section in a row.
3. Warm up maps cannot be longer than 5 minutes long.
4. In an event of a tie, the score will be nullified and neither team will gain a score.
5. If a person fails a beatmap, their score will not be counted towards the score.
6. If a team fails a beatmap, they will lose the map.
7. Revived scores count towards the total.
10. The referee of the match will be able to nullify any of the rules as they see fit. They also get final say in any and all matters that arise in the match lobby.

Match Procedure:

1. All participants will be invited to the official tournament lobby by their match referee 10-20 minutes before the start of the match's scheduled time.
2. One representative from each team will !roll. Note: if both players from each team rolls, only the first one will count as the official roll. (Captains preferred)
3. The losing team of the roll will then ban first. Each team will receive 2 bans to use, however, don't have to use both bans.
- Each team will alternate bans (Team 1 first ban, Team 2 first ban, Team 1 second ban, Team 2 second ban)
4. The winning team of the roll will then pick one warm up map. The other team will do the same straight afterwards.
5. After both warm ups have been played, both teams will take turns picking maps until a winner is declared.
6. If both teams are one point away from winning, the tiebreaker map will be played.


Registration Ends: 27th May
Seeds Release: 28th May
Group Stages: 3rd June
Tournament Ends: 8th/15th July



As a team:
Team Name:
Captain: [img]CountryFlag[/img] Name - Rank
Vice-Captain: [img]CountryFlag[/img] Name - Rank
Third Player: [img]CountryFlag[/img] Name - Rank
Fourth Player:[img]CountryFlag[/img] Name - rank

Note: Just pm me if you are adding players to your team (forum or discord)

As a Free Player:
Name - Rank

NOTE: All Team Captains, Vice-Captains and Free Agents MUST join discord to be accepted as a team/free agent AND comment on the post. Other players may join if they wish. Discord can be found in the link above.

As a staff member:
Join the discord and pm me, and I will see what I can do ^^.

Teams Accepted

1. we don't know
Poke_player, Nightlys, XxStability98Xx, Wutever55

2. Nazi
oralekin, Flandoll

3. MemeLordsUnitedRebornAgain
Gam3rJPMZ, MKeist

4. Enigmatic
dblade, JailBaitDez, st3althk1lla, TLDRonin

5. Massive Long
DzikaSwinia, Qnio

6. TeamPotatoBeer
Itz_FreEZe, RedJonas, AscensioN, SaffiChiro

7. Muskequeers
Decolan, boiledcabbages

8. alway rember hapi dey
Misery, theray888, BLAIZER32, ANuko

9. HeroezMini
Did4h, ZheFoo, YarikRoom, Odzim

10. WeWillLose
Nocy, Han106, Bluepointed

11. Chuu-Chuu Train
F1REDBULL, skylox347, ichibaNNN

12. BloodOak
MrWhisk3r, Tactical Pizza

13. WeEatShoes
Wekkl, mascxt

14. Last Surprise
Fuwaa, InsaneDetective

15. Awesomenauts
Phorreal, rabcos

16. Blank
Dynamo, gui710
EDIT: GL to players in the tourney!
nice powerpoint banners
Shino Inuzuka

Stupid Idiot
Yey finally up! :D
back at it again
Sakura chan
Sakura chan
Here's my solo player application for the memes:
name: Sakura chan
rank: shitty
comment: let me player or u a scaredy kitty
Kappa is my hype.

poke_player - 81k
Nightlys - #92,850
Comment: owo im bad i think but i can do dt
oralekin - 120749
I wanna win again
Oops i'm not in the range
dblade - 89,486
Flandoll - #147,540
I want to win at your tournament, because I never did it, lol

Phorreal wrote:

that acc tho
MemeLordsUniteRebornAgain <--thats the name
Yes we will be adding more adjectives to the name every tournament ^_^
Gam3rJPMZ- 112,360 - Captain
SnkViper- 94,094 - Vicecaptain
Third Player: Vaccant Avaliable
Fourth Player: Vaccant Avaliable
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