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[ Same ]
Hi :)
It's just a suggestion but you should rotate at least the RUN RUN RUN sliders, cuz they are at same places where the first RUN RUN RUN slider.
Fun map :)
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[ Same ] wrote:

Hi :)
It's just a suggestion but you should rotate at least the RUN RUN RUN sliders, cuz they are at same places where the first RUN RUN RUN slider.
Fun map :)
mmm it's kinda hard because the spacing tbh, I'd try maybe there is a way lol
I thought it's a BABYMETAL song :o
I like kpop okay, and oddly enough your taste is similar to mine xd


02:29:333 (1) - The C# should hold for 2 beats. The last G plays a bit like a grace note but thankfully corrects itself to the vocal. You could also use a D# instead of the last G too.

m4m from your queue

  1. 00:51:068 - 01:44:946 (2) - there isn't really a cymbal crash here so i don't think the fnish hitsound is necessary to use here

  1. 00:50:915 (4) - i feel a 1/1 slider would be more appropriate here, since you're following vocals and there isn't really a vocal sound on the white tick 00:51:068 - . same with 01:44:793 (4) -
  2. 00:58:721 (1,2) - rhythm here doesn't really match the strongest sounds here. since vocals are strongest, it may be worthwhile to use a rhythm like 01:01:170 (1,2) - here. similar suggestion at 01:52:599 (1,2) -
  3. 01:27:497 - circle here perhaps? could serve as a nice indicator for music change
  4. 02:08:823 (1,1) - the blanket here could definitely be improved; since these are long sliders any off blanket is more noticeable

  1. 00:18:313 (3) - optional, but consider splitting this into a 1/1 slider + circle? i feel like you shouldn't ignore the clap at 00:18:619 - since this long slider kind of stands out among the intro kiai
  2. 01:27:497 (1) - just my opinion, but you can try giving this slider a more unique shape for more distinction on this sound, but this is fine the way it currently is
  3. not much problems here imo, nice normal

  1. 00:21:986 (1,2,3,4) - are you sure about using 0.50x SV multiplier right after a 1.0x multiplier? it might cause some reading hazards, especially since they're all straight sliders, i feel that this combo could be mistaken as 1/4 instead
  2. 00:24:435 (1) - can you offset this instead of directly stacking it right under the repeat? it's hard to notice the slider head because the repeats are covering it up
  3. 00:52:599 (2) - 01:46:477 (2) - i feel that a 1.5x multiplier coming right after a 0.75x multiplier might be too sudden; this could also be mistaken for a 1/1 slider. maybe try a 1.25x multiplier here instead?
  4. 01:37:905 (1,2) - i feel like the (1) should be centred around the (2)'s centre, kind of like with 01:39:130 (1,2) - .
  5. 01:38:364 (2,3) - 01:40:966 (2,3) - mmm potential distance snap errors? it looks like you're sticking to 1.3x distance snap here, but this is 1.4x distance snap

  1. 00:38:364 - i wouldn't really ignore this offbeat here; there's a really emphasized drum note and guitar whammy on it so i think it'd be a shame to skip this note. maybe try putting a circle here?
  2. 00:53:823 (1,2,3) - this is actually really cool, but i think it loses it's effect when 00:56:272 (1,2,3,1) - is nearly in the same coordinates. at the very least you could change 00:57:344 (1) - to be a different shape from 00:54:895 (1) - like what you did in the second kiai
  3. 01:22:139 - i know this is following vocals, but there's a drum kick here that i think you shouldn't ignore, since this is the same percussion as 01:19:537 (1,2,3) - and you didn't ignore it there
  4. 01:23:517 (1,2,3,1,2,1,2,1,2,1,2,1,2) - i know that this is following the vocals, but i don't think making these all single circles is a good fit here since it feels drastically different from the rest of this section despite backup instruments not being much different
  5. 02:09:129 (2,3,4) - this is actually a 1/4 snap; the 1/6 snap you used doesn't sound right since the guitar whammy lands on 02:09:588 - 02:09:665 - 02:09:742 -
  6. 02:24:435 (3) - i feel that you should shorten this by 1/2 so that it ends on 02:24:895 - and then place a circle at 02:25:048 - . red tick is really emphasized so i think it'd be appropriate for slider to end there

  1. 00:18:160 (1,2) - this is the only part in this section that is mapped to the backup guitar instead of the lead guitar. consider Ctrl + G the rhythm here so that this combo is consistent with the rest of the rhythm structure
  2. 02:08:823 (1) - i believe this is an incorrect snap; if you play this on a slower playback the guitar actually doesn't sync up to a 1/3 snap properly. i'd consider just sticking to a 1/2 slider like what Natsu did
  3. 02:09:588 (1,2,3) - the circles and slider starts all have 5% hitsound volume lol

  1. 01:17:701 (2,3) - music places stresses on white ticks 01:17:701 - and 01:18:007 - so i think you should make them clickable for better emphasis, like you did in Insane
  2. 02:09:129 (2,3,4) - i mentioned this in Insane, but this is actually an incorrect snap since the guitar whammy is in 1/4 and not 1/6
  3. 02:24:435 (1) - the same suggestion i mentioned in Insane could also apply here; i really don't think you should ignore 02:24:895 - when it's the same snare sound as 02:25:048 -
  4. 02:29:257 - you can probably put a circle here for the drums to serve as an indicator of a section change

  1. 00:20:150 (1,2,3,4) - i don't think there's enough momentum generated here to justify such a large spike in spacing. at the very least, i would consider nerfing the distance between (3)->(4) since the horizontal cross-screen jump is much larger than the vertical cross-screen jump
  2. 00:31:476 (5,6) - i'd also nerf the distance here to something more like 00:41:272 (5,6) - since these have the same intensities
  3. 01:51:833 (4,5,7) - if possible, i'd try and move these three notes closer to the left; this one feels kind of overdone compared to the first kiai
  4. 02:09:129 (3,4,5) - incorrect snaps; refer to Insane
  5. 02:24:435 (1) - i've also mentioned this before in past difficulties; i'm 99% sure that this was intentional, but please reconsider skipping over the snare at 02:24:895 -

cool RUN sliders, hope this helps!
Hey o/
Here for the M4M from your queue:
Dreamcatcher <3

  1. 00:26:272 (4) - 00:28:721 (4) - I get that you were following vocals with both sliders but I feel like the unique snare-like sound on each slider head should be emphasized too in a way. Maybe the sliders could be a hitcircle instead? It would make this section different from this part 00:34:231 - which seems more intense
  2. 00:58:109 (3) - Maybe this was done for variety but it looks like this is inconsistent with 00:55:660 (3) - , both timestamps sound the same next to the different lyrics, so the 1/2 repeat slider could fit here too imo, same would go for 01:51:987 (3) - too
  3. 00:58:721 (1,2) - I do agree with Doormat on this suggestion, the rhythm here doesn't seem to be following the vocals completely like you usually follow. A 3/2 slider + a hitcircle a 1/1 beat afterwards could follow the vocals more accurate. Also, this looks like it's inconsistent with 02:34:231 (1,2,3) - which sounds like the same rhythm
  4. 02:31:170 (4) - Just curious, but why is the sliderend silenced? There are (maybe faint) sounds that can be heard on the slider end so keeping it at the same volume as the rest of this part if fine too imo

    Looks like a clean and consistent diff, I like it

  1. I tried to find things that stood out in this diff too much but nothing really did stand out, looks good :D

  1. I'm concerned about the massive difference between some SV switches, they don't usually appear in Hard difficulties and they could easily lead a player to misread a SV switch since they happen so frequently. An example would be here 00:52:599 (2,2) - where one slider is shorter than the other (or looks like it is) but it actually is twice as long which is really hard for a player at this level to comprehend. Consider reducing or increasing the SV for very fast or slow SV switches
  2. 00:23:976 (2,1) - This could be really hard to read for the players this difficulty is directed to, especially since the hitburst covers up the sliderhead. Having the slider head more visible would be more readable imo
  3. 02:17:088 (1,2) - Wouldn't be necessary but maybe these could also work if you extend these to the next blue tick since the vocals are held

    Again, clean diff \w/

  1. 00:20:762 (1) - Even if this slider has more distance than 00:20:150 (1,2,3,4) - to it, it feels way easier to catch than the four hitcircles and doesn't feel emphasized enough due to it continuing the clockwise flow like the hitcircles, a ctrl+g would emphasize it more by changing flow direction (also, I think you do emphasize stronger sounds/doenbeats later with direction changes too)
  2. 01:07:139 (1,2,3,4) - This pattern looks way more cramped together I'll say than the patterns that have been used for this rhythm in the other kiais (02:01:017 (1,2,3,4) - 02:42:649 (1,2,3,4) - ) and also play differently since the other patterns make use of slider leniency. It also emphasizes the other patterns more from the rest of the kiais since the fact that they are less cramped makes them stand out (I hope this actually makes sense to you =3=). Maybe you could change the pattern up so that it uses up more space?
  3. 02:09:512 (3) - Yeah not sure if the 1/6 snapping is fine here, it does sound like the guitar might on something else than 1/4 but listening to it closer it sounds like 1/4

[toybot's Expert]
  1. 00:12:190 (1,2,3) - Tails like this sound like they should be silenced imo, the tails on the 1/4 for one don't have any specific sounds on them and second, the hitnormal sounds kinda jarring combined with the hitsounds of the next sliderhead. Keep in mind that this would apply to similar patterns if you accept this. (Oh also, since the hitsound copier probably copied the silences for 00:53:823 (1,2,3) - etc. over, it would be good to be make it consistent with the other 3/4 sliders too)
  2. 00:18:160 (1,2) - I don't want too look like I'm copying Doormat lol but I do agree with him on this point too, the rhythm would feel more appropriate with following the guitar if ctrl+g'd
  3. 00:35:303 (2) - I'm not exactly sure if this has changed recently but maybe this many red anchors might count as some sort of slider slowdown manipulation and may be unrankable, correct me if I'm wrong though :o
    Imo slower SV and a sharp slidershape would work fine too though
  4. 02:08:823 (1) - Again here as in insane (which was a different timestamp ofc), if you do want to keep the repeat slider, then 1/4 would work much better here as the guitar snaps to the 1/4 more than to the 1/3 imo
  5. 02:09:588 (1,2,3) - Since there is a rather noticable guitar on these hitcircles (and slider), maybe a green line with volume of 40% or quieter could be placed here 02:09:588 -

  1. 00:54:435 (3) - Ok this curved 'N' is just cool o.o
  2. 02:09:537 (3) - Again like I said in the Insane, snap sounds like it's just 1/4 rather than 1/6

  1. 00:20:456 (3,4) - This is way too much emphasis for these notes imo, if anything, the emphasis should be on 00:20:150 (1,2) - since they have the higher guitar pitch and thus seems stronger. Ctrl+g-ing like this might work at least
  2. 00:57:650 (2,3,4,5,6) - While ofc these vocals are intense, they look like they're spaced similarly 01:07:752 (1,2,3,4) - which are the strongest vocals in the kiai although both of these timestamps have a noticable difference in intensity, maybe reduce distance for one and increase more for the other to make the difference in intensity feel more noticable?
  3. 01:11:884 (2,3) - While they might play similarly, visually it looks like 01:11:884 (2) - is emphasized more than 01:12:037 (3) - although it seems like you're following vocals, consider reducing distance for (2) and increasing distance for (3)
  4. 02:09:537 (4) - Yep, the snapping again probably

I thought the whole mapset was very clean, so after a while I just stopped mentioning it for every diff :o
Hope my mod was somewhat helpful and didn't seem effortless ^^
Posted my map and mod in the queue, GL!
대체 드림캐쳐가누구옄ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 나보다 케이팝을 더 잘 아놐ㅋㅋㅋ
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I'll check mods later
I was the one who came up with the diffnames, so I am here for the kudosu. Oh, yeah, I also did some nazi changes with Natsu via IRC.

19:51 Natsu: tell me anytime if u want to discuss my map bakaring
19:54 Bakari: o
19:54 Bakari: let's do it now
19:54 Natsu: sure
19:54 *Natsu is listening to [ Dreamcatcher - GOOD NIGHT]
19:54 Natsu: redownload because hitsounds
19:58 Bakari: let's do it like an irc check
19:58 Bakari: I might find a thing or two in lower diffs
19:58 Natsu: yeah
20:02 Bakari: o
20:02 Bakari: i see a thing
20:03 Natsu: :o
20:03 Bakari: there's a guideline that has something like don't use pure white combo colour
20:03 Natsu: oh but in kaiais
20:03 Natsu: kiai^*
20:05 Bakari: but that makes it pretty weird
20:05 Bakari: you have bright colours for non-kiais
20:05 Bakari: and darker gray for kiais
20:06 Natsu: idk I think white and skyblue are nice for the slow parts, or u have other color in mind to change the white one?
20:06 Natsu: tbh i kinda went out of ideas about combo colors with this BG
20:07 Bakari: darker gray and blue for non-kiais
20:07 Bakari: and lighter ones for kiais
20:08 Bakari: you'd also have a pretty cool flashing thingy for the kiais
20:09 Natsu: tbh probably I'll change the bg too, since I notice that other map is using the same but flipped LOL
20:09 Bakari: also, speaking of the diffnames
20:09 Bakari: how about custom names?
20:10 Natsu: for everyone?
20:11 Bakari: Yeah, the first thing I though of: Morning/Daytime/Evening/Sunset/Dusk/Night/Late Night
20:11 Bakari: but then again
20:11 Bakari: if you change the BG, it's probably better to stick to the current naming
20:12 Natsu: no with changing it I meant, to other similar one
20:12 Natsu: btw that the diffnames sounds cool
20:12 Natsu: O.O
20:12 Natsu: they are acceptables right?
20:13 Bakari: I guess so
20:13 Bakari: i mean, there's a clear progression, so
20:14 Natsu: wew bakaring that's great!!
20:14 Bakari: easy doesn't feel like a standard Easy. It's something pretty harsh, so I was thinking of custom names
20:14 Natsu: kudos for it
20:14 Bakari: k, imma post the log
20:14 Bakari: bye
20:14 *Bakari is editing [ Dreamcatcher - GOOD NIGHT [Easy]]
20:15 Natsu: btw it's fine to keep moonlight instead of Latenight
20:15 Bakari: I guess so
20:15 Bakari: You can adjust naming as you please, as long as it stays themed, it's still cool
20:16 Natsu: wew this is really cool tbh xDDD
20:17 Bakari: ok, with this out of the way
20:18 Bakari: how about A 4 for the easiest diff
20:18 Natsu: yeah
20:18 Bakari: could probably use OD a bit higher as well
20:18 Bakari: since we use 1/2s, we should make sure they actually feel like 1/2s
20:18 Natsu: od 3 ar 3,5?
20:19 Bakari: I'd say 3 is fine
20:19 Bakari: 00:40:966 (3) - though I'd still prefer to keep the 1/2 sliders straight. the curve makes things a bit harder to read, imo
20:19 Natsu: done
20:19 Natsu: i raised the ar a bit, because it does feels better with more OOD
20:19 Natsu: OD*
20:20 Natsu: and i make the slider straigh
20:20 Bakari: 00:45:252 (2,3) - how about a reversed 3/2 slider and then a circle on 00:46:476 -
20:20 Bakari: vocals clearly peak on 00:46:476 - so it's kinda simplifies the rhythm and keeps peaks emphasised
20:21 Natsu: 00:46:170 (3) - don't u think is better to keep the oh oh together?
20:22 Bakari: I feel like they are separate beats
20:22 Bakari: like two circles would be the best option
20:23 Bakari: but since we can't do that, I thought of having a circle for the stronger beat
20:23 Natsu: yeah I wanted two circles also
20:24 Natsu: 00:45:711 (2) - and this slider already cover a word, so I'm really unsure about the change
20:25 Bakari: just bookmark that and see if anybody else feels the same way I do
20:27 Bakari: 01:12:650 (3,1,2) - I'd probably curve (2) as well
20:28 Natsu: done
20:28 Bakari: a straight slider is precieved as some kind of a contraddiction to 01:11:731 (2,3) -
20:28 Bakari: blah, I don't even need to type half of my explanations :D
20:28 Natsu: :D
20:30 Bakari: 01:42:803 (1,2,4) - kind of a nazi thing, but how about making them all parallel with the y axis
20:31 Natsu: Done
20:32 Bakari: 02:24:435 (2) - I'd be nazi about the head of this slider being slighlty higher than its tail
20:33 Natsu: i fixed anyways xD
20:33 Bakari: I understand that the song is pretty intense
20:33 Bakari: but are you sure about having no breaks at all?
20:34 Natsu: yeah
20:35 Natsu: easy have some empty parts like
20:35 Natsu: the tiny break
20:37 *Bakari is editing [ Dreamcatcher - GOOD NIGHT [Normal]]
20:37 Bakari: o, btw, we can Ar 6 here now
20:38 Bakari: it'd give us 00:13:721 (5,1) - slightly neater patterns, slighly neater visuals
20:39 Bakari: 00:25:660 (4,5) - sponsored by patterning nazi - how about a softer angle that is similar to those linear patterns
20:51 Bakari: are you still there? :V
20:51 Natsu: sprry
20:51 Natsu: went to help my mom
20:52 Natsu: keep going
20:52 Natsu: sure
20:53 Natsu: done bo
20:53 Natsu: both
20:53 Bakari: 00:50:150 (3) - I'd ctrl+h and blanket (1)
20:54 Natsu: Done
20:55 Bakari: 00:56:578 (2) - try placing (2) between (6)'s tail and (3)? nazi at its finest
20:56 Natsu: SURE
20:56 Bakari: 01:02:854 (5) - why not just keep the linear flow? this would be slightly easier
20:56 Bakari: unless those gimmicky angles are intended
20:57 Natsu: it's intended
20:58 Bakari: 02:09:742 - how about a circle here? you can shorten the previous slider, I suppose
20:58 Bakari: 02:17:088 (1,2,3) - awesome
20:59 Bakari: 02:26:884 (2) - again, i like the way you fit these things and they look so natural
20:59 Natsu: the previews beats are 1/6 would be ssuper hard
21:00 Bakari: 02:45:405 (4,5) - is there a slider or are there two circles?
21:00 Bakari: I've changed it somewhere, probably here and now it says unsubmitted, so I can't tell :v
21:02 Natsu: gonna move stuff there
21:03 *Bakari is editing [ Dreamcatcher - GOOD NIGHT [Hard]]
21:03 Bakari: 00:18:313 (1,2) - <3
21:03 Natsu: :D
21:05 Bakari: 00:53:823 (1,2,3) - are you sure you don't want to use similar slidershapes?
21:05 Bakari: straight ones would also force players to move as fast as they can, giving a bit of extra speed up, which is reasonable in this case
21:06 Natsu: i think mine have more visuals
21:07 Natsu: yeah the curves reduce the sv
21:07 Bakari: well, SV is increased for these sliders
21:07 Bakari: so, I though you'd want to get even more out of the SV increase
21:08 Bakari: but if you aim for the visuals
21:08 Bakari: it's all cool either way
21:08 Natsu: u will see the later diffs an u will see the other cutis ones
21:09 Bakari: 01:24:435 (1,1,1,1,1) - this kind of breaks the intended hp drain balance and feels a bit spammed
21:09 Bakari: is that really the way you want to keep it?
21:10 Natsu: but fits the vocals also u will notice the stuff i made in the bext ones
21:12 Bakari: the rest is cool, I've noticed a few things from Normal
21:12 Bakari: or it's the other way and these things come from harder diffs
21:13 Bakari: either way, it's cool
21:13 Natsu: yeah
21:13 *Bakari is editing [ Dreamcatcher - GOOD NIGHT [Insane]]
21:14 Bakari: nazis called, 00:33:466 (3,4) - (4) is one pixel away from being parallel
21:14 Natsu: done
21:15 Bakari: 00:40:201 (6) - is it intended to stand out from the previous patterns?
21:15 Natsu: yeah
21:16 Bakari: 00:48:925 (1,2,3,4) - I'd probably do it more like this
21:16 Natsu: too big no?
21:16 Bakari: I hear two parts repeated twice, tather than a single part of four beats
21:16 Bakari: you could compress it a little, the idea is to keep it split into two parts
21:16 Natsu: ctrl g this 00:49:537 (3) - ?
21:18 Bakari: swap 2-3 and ctrl+g sliders, yeah
21:18 Bakari:
21:18 Natsu: kk
21:20 Bakari: 01:42:803 (1,2,3,4) - similar concept
21:21 Natsu: yup
21:21 Bakari: 02:26:884 (2) - gonz called, they want their sliders back ♥
21:21 Natsu: cute no
21:22 Bakari: i have a thing for large symmetrical constructions
21:22 Bakari: that is pretty neat
21:23 Bakari: will probably post something for toybot's diff
21:23 Bakari: here comes the fun part
21:23 *Bakari is editing [ Dreamcatcher - GOOD NIGHT [Extra]]
21:24 *Natsu is editing [ Dreamcatcher - GOOD NIGHT [Night]]
21:24 Bakari: 00:14:639 (1,2,3) - shouldn't (3) recieve more spacing emphasis since it has a peak sound
21:25 Bakari: 00:28:109 (1,2,3) - kinda like this
21:25 Natsu: ye but also the patteern qq
21:25 Bakari: 00:14:180 (5) - just stack the circle with 00:14:180 (5) -
21:25 Bakari: and then move 00:15:558 (5) - a bit to the upper left
21:26 Bakari: so, the whole thing would still be symmetrical
21:26 Natsu: done
21:26 Bakari: 00:31:782 (1,2,1) - isn't (1) technically stronger than the previous beat that was mapped with (2)'s head?
21:27 Bakari: literally the first think I could think of
21:27 Bakari:
21:27 Natsu: sliders have a lot of leniency
21:29 Bakari: yeah, but the one on 00:32:701 (1) - still recieves less emphasis
21:29 Bakari: 00:42:037 (2,1) - same thing goes on
21:29 Natsu: I'll move 1 some more then
21:30 Bakari: 00:56:272 (1,2,3) - the more I look at these sliders
21:30 Bakari: the more I like them
21:30 Natsu: hahaha
21:31 Bakari: 01:13:415 (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8) - 01:15:864 (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8) - kind of curious about the change of patterning
21:31 Bakari: they are very similar, yet the concept is different. triangles imply some kind of unfinished repetition, while squares show two finished groups of 4 beats
21:32 Natsu: that part of music is everywhere
21:32 Natsu: so i made different patterns to don't have the same everywhere
21:32 Bakari: 01:19:844 (3,4,1) - (1) gets just as much emphasis as (4), yet it's quiter
21:33 Natsu: 1 is stroger than4
21:34 Bakari: exactly my point
21:34 Natsu: i moved it a bit more
21:35 Bakari: 01:35:915 (2,1) - we've already talked about these patterns
21:35 Bakari: 01:39:588 (2,1) - same
21:35 Bakari: 01:42:803 (1,2,3,4) - oh, this is exactly the kind of pattern I suggested just a few minutes ago!
21:35 Natsu: yeqh ik
21:36 Bakari: 02:21:680 (2,3) - again, this ine is pretty obvious
21:36 Bakari: 02:26:884 (2) - !!! ♥
21:36 Natsu: but symmetry x.x
21:37 Bakari:
21:37 Bakari: you can keep the symmetry and emphasis at the same time
21:38 Bakari: I've seen way too many patterns of this kind in my own maps when I was playing around with the symmetrical patterning :p
21:38 Natsu: too big :o
21:38 Natsu: i'll move this some more
21:38 Natsu: but that's too much O.O
21:38 Bakari: I guess, but you get the idea, something that'd stress (3) more is possible
21:38 Bakari: 02:23:823 (1,2,1) - then again
21:39 Natsu: but is the slow part
21:40 Bakari: 02:24:435 (1) - this one is still stronger, though
21:40 Natsu: i'll make 1 and 2 straigh
21:41 Natsu: so there are some more spacing
21:41 Bakari: also, 02:31:782 (1,2) - shouldn't these two be visually similar?
21:42 Natsu: it's more a flow thing than a visual thing
21:43 Natsu: like having linear movement until the next jumps
21:43 Bakari: o, i see
21:43 Bakari: the rest looks cool
21:43 Bakari: moonlight
21:44 Bakari: you've already explained the vasic idea of the spacings, so it should be easier for me this time
21:45 Natsu: yeah
21:46 Bakari: 01:03:619 (1,2,3,4) - holy ♥
21:46 Natsu: hahahaha
21:47 Bakari: 01:11:731 (1,2,3,4,1,2,3) - shouldn't the red combo be more intense in terms of spacing?
21:47 Natsu: it's the same as gray
21:48 Bakari: but the red part gets extra drum stuff going on in the music, tho
21:49 Natsu: let me see what i can do
21:49 Bakari: 01:35:456 (1,2,1) - the same kind of stuff I've already suggested for Extra. 01:36:375 (1) - this should get more spacing or the previous two should be closer
21:50 Bakari: 01:36:375 (1) - this has higher pitch in the vocals, new combo and more intense drum sounds
21:50 Natsu: okay
21:52 Bakari: 02:50:149 (1) - I'm not sure this is readable
21:52 Natsu: it is, worstpolacke fc it with HD at first try o.o
21:52 Natsu: Also de white combo already indicate calm
21:54 Bakari: also, kinda unsure of >If non-standard slider velocity multipliers are used, they must be announced in the beatmap description during the modding process.
21:55 Bakari: the rest is hot
21:55 Natsu: TBH no one put them xD
21:56 Bakari: this is a rule tho
21:57 Bakari: I guess the definition of the non-standard SVs differs

[toybot's Expert]
  1. 01:08:976 (2,3) - I would try to stress (3) with some kind of a spacing change since it has some strong vocals.
    Note: 02:00:864 (5,1) - 02:21:680 (4,1) - similar thing here.

    Just a couple of things, I like it in general.


Best of luck!
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ty bakari!
M4M from your Q

  1. Combo color2's luminosity is above 220 and luminosity should be in between 50 and 220

  1. maybe move 00:55:660 (3,1) - down alittle so 00:56:272 (1) - stacks at 00:56:272 (1) - ?
  2. 00:58:721 (1,2) - this sounds really weird and i think you missed the strong sound at 00:59:180 - . maybe change this 2 notes to 3/2+note?
  3. 01:02:854 - shouldnt you put 1/2 reverse here? like 00:53:058 (3) - it sounds the same
  4. 01:11:731 (2) - change this to note+1/2? 01:12:037 - doesnt feel right not to be clickable. same with 02:05:609 (2) - and 02:47:241 (2) -
  5. 01:33:925 (3) - change into 1/2 like from 01:29:027 (2) - and 01:31:476 (2) - ? but with reverse since the sound is still the same and you skip the red tick.
  6. 01:52:599 (1,2) - same with 00:58:721 (1,2) -
  7. 01:56:120 (3,4) - also same reason with 01:02:854 - .

  1. 00:18:313 (3) - missed a strong sound at 00:18:619 - . 1/1+note might work.
  2. 01:27:497 (1) - why nc here? the sound kinda change but i dont think its necessary and its better to keep the nc consistency.

  1. 00:22:906 (4) - make this into tripple? it sounds different from 00:21:986 (1,2,3) -
  2. 01:00:711 (4,1) - ctrl+g? something with the long period of 1/2 doesnt sound right. this applies to 01:54:588 (4,1) - and 02:36:221 (4,1) - . since the vocal stops at the previous sliders anyway

  1. 00:58:721 (1,2,3,1,2,3,4) - maybe replace some sliders with notes? its the same as hard as it is now.
  2. 01:11:425 (2,3,1,2,1) - same mod as above. i think its too easy to have sliders for a long period of time.
  3. 01:31:629 (6) - change this into 1/1+note? i think you missed a beat on 01:31:935 -

[toybot's Dusk]
  1. 00:17:701 (3,4) - this jump seems kinda big compared to the rest in this part.
  2. 00:18:160 (1) - im pretty sure this should be on the downbeat.
  3. 00:19:997 (3,4) - sounds overmapped to me. i cant ear any 1/4s here?
  4. 00:48:007 (3) -
  5. 01:41:425 (1,2,3,4,5) - same sound with 00:47:548 (1,2,3,4,5) - but different use of rhythm. But i suggest changing the earlier ones though since 01:41:425 (1,2,3,4,5) - plays better.
  6. 01:44:333 (2,3,4,5) - you emphasize the tripples here that much but its so close at 00:50:150 (1,2,3,4) -
  7. 01:52:446 (1,2,3) - i dont here any 1/4s here?
  8. 02:28:109 (1) - i think this is better if you ctrl+g it

  1. 00:58:109 (5,6) - this jump is too big compared to others
  2. 00:59:180 (3,4,1,2,1,2) - the presence of long period of 1/2 sliders is still here even though its already 5.5 and its on kiai where it should be intense too. ok nvm its still there even on last diff.

  1. 01:11:731 (1,2) - Nerf this jump? its not as strong as 01:12:190 (4,1,2,3) - so maybe nerf to where 1>2 ds is smaller than that 4 notes same as 02:05:609 (1,2) -
  2. 01:27:497 (1) - make the sv of this faster than 01:26:884 (1,2) - it makes sense cause it sounds different but both sv's are 1.0x
  3. 01:29:180 (8) - change this to 1/1+note? 01:29:486 - is noticable and its kinda weird to not map it. same goes to 01:31:629 (8) -
  4. 01:34:231 (1,2,3) - youve been following the instrument but the only sound here is on 01:34:231 - so making this into a slider would be better imo.

gl! I tried my best and i hope my mod helps and makes sense to you both :)
egg and cheese
M4M from your queue \o

[ General]
  1. Eventhough the diffnames are cool af, unluckily I don't see how they will get through in the current day. They don't give a clear enough picture of what the diff actually is. Suggestions will be given with the headings for the diffs.
  2. Perhaps tune up the HS volume a bit? I had trouble hearing it even with my effects sound setting higher than music
  3. Just pointing it out there, some diffs end on an inconsistent time. Not a bad thing ofc but it'd be nice to have it synchronized

[ Easy: Morning]
  1. 00:10:966 (2) - NC? The song makes a major change which I think is worth emphasising.
  2. 00:18:313 (3) - I disagree with this slider since it skips over so many beats that the song provides. Biggest thing I disagree with is on what type of beat the slider ends. 00:19:231 - imo is a beat worth emphasising with clicking because of the guitar change happening over there. Also this is the only part where the drums really make a change and just emphasising it with a really long slider is kinda boring.
  3. 00:31:782 (1,2,1) - I think this was meant to be a triangle? But it's off a little. 00:34:231 (1) - should be a little more to the right.
  4. 00:36:680 (1) - Shouldn't be the same slidershape as 00:36:068 (4) - . Eventhough symmetry is nice, the sounds both sliders emphasise is imo way too different. It almost sounds like a completely different instrument! Same goes for 00:38:517 (4,1) -
  5. 00:41:578 (1,2) - Isn't there a way to make this a little more intense? The song calls for a harder part, but instead what happens in the map is that the note density goes down and as such it plays easier when the song says it differently. Would try to see if you can find a better, more dense rythm here.
  6. 01:19:537 (3) - Kinda a nazi thing but the tail is pointed up 1 pixel ;w;
  7. 01:27:497 - Are you sure you wanna skip this beat? There is a clear change in the song here that can be worth emphasising.
  8. 02:25:507 (1) - Isn't a repeat better here? There is a notable beat on the big white tick that would be cool to have recognized

[ Normal: Daytime]
  1. 00:28:109 (4,5) - Inconsistent flow usage from 00:25:660 (4,5) - . While 00:25:660 (4,5) - have a negative flow, 00:28:109 (4,5) - seems to be perfectly positive. What I mean with positive flow is that the flow follows the slider's curve. Wouldn't say here that there's a big difference in the song, so having consistent flow usage would be cool
  2. 00:48:925 (1,2,3) - Because of all the 1/1 gaps left here, the buildup in the drums feel really underwhelming and barely emphasised, since rythms like 00:46:782 (1,2) - did have those 1/2 gaps. Would perhaps be cool if there could be some 1/2 gaps here too.
  3. 00:55:813 (6,1) - Nazi thing but wouldn't it look better if this was perfectly aligned when you have stacking on in the editor (that thing in the view tab)?
  4. 02:18:772 (1,2) - Can these be visually different? The sound they're supposed to emphasise are way different and seeing that in the slider itself would be cool.

[ Hard: Evening]
  1. 00:55:813 (3) - Not sure whether this fits the song well due to the high impact drum on 00:55:966 - . Having one drum clickable but the other not feels really weird when 1/2 usage is severly increasing. Would love to see this being 2 circles instead of a slider.
  2. 01:01:017 (1,2) - Would swap NC here. (2) has way more impact in the music.
  3. 01:15:711 (2,1) - Perhaps not stack these? The stack feels off emphasis-wise as I would say the spacing to 01:15:864 (1) - should be bigger with the louder instruments kicking in here again, but instead it's emphasised with stopped cursor movement to which I think is kinda wrong. Would make a little jump instead.
  4. 01:23:517 (1,1,1,1,1,1) - Wait why are there so many NCs here? xd
  5. 02:08:211 (4,1) - Wouldn't a little jump fit well here? It's a pretty strong drum beat and would be cool to have emphasised a little more.
  6. 02:13:415 (1,2) - stack off fix pls

[ Insane: Sunset]
  1. 00:14:639 (1,2,3) - It looks kinda weird to have the aesthetics changed here a bit when putting it next to 00:12:190 (1,2,3) - . Due to 00:14:639 (1) - being different from 00:12:190 (1) - the player will expect something completely different, however the pattern comes down to the same thing in the end which feels pretty weird when playing, since you're expecting the same 3 sliders in the same order. Perhaps make it more consistent.
  2. 00:19:844 (4,4) - Any way for this overlap to be avoided? ngl it kinda ruins the looks of the square as well ;w;
  3. 00:24:435 (1,2,3,4,5,6) - I don't see a reason for the emphasis to be different while the music stays consistent. Imo having just stacks or just sliders would work way better as that would reflect the repetivity of the guitar better.
  4. 00:33:007 (2) - Negative flow on this note fits better, currently the note has barely any emphasis due to the small visual spacing and it having the same circular motion as the notes beforehand do. Try maybe ctrl+g here? Also 00:32:701 (1,2) - swap NCs cuz (2) has a more noticable drum beat.
  5. 00:48:160 (1) - Would put it like this so that you get a nice triangle effect
  6. 00:55:813 (4) - same rythm thing i mentioned in the hard diff.
  7. 01:23:517 (1,2,3) - Why suddenly stop emphasising the guitar here? You did it before and cutting it off all of the sudden doesn't make much sense to me
  8. 02:04:691 (3) - Feels weird to not have this stacked on top of 02:03:772 (1) - tbh. You can adjust the triangle a bit in order to make up for the 0,1x less spacing w
  9. 02:33:772 (7) - I get that the slidershape should already emphasise the guitar sound here, but imo having a SV change would be way cooler to have here as that would really make the slider stand out above the rest. Would also NC anyways due to the big change in the song.

[ Extra: Night]
  1. 00:20:150 (1,2,3,4) - Feels completely off emphasis-wise. 00:20:609 (4) - is by far the weakest of the bunch due to its lowest pitch, yet is more emphasised than 00:20:456 (3) - which has a higher pitch. A pattern with decreasing spacing or consistent spacing would fit the song better with what the guitar is doing at this moment (so perhaps making it a normal square!).
  2. 00:26:884 (1,2,4,5,8) - I hate to say it but, this isn't perfectly aligned,,, (spacing in it is inconsistent ya)
  3. 00:28:568 (2) - You didn't map this beat before, why suddenly start doing it here? That's inconsistent ya
  4. 00:48:466 (2) - Would make the tail clickable as hit has notable vocals going on it.
  5. 01:01:017 (1,2) - Hearing as these drums are louder than the rest, wouldn't it be better to let this stand out more with spacing? Currently I feel like the drums are misrepresented.
  6. 01:12:343 (1,2,3) - Would be cooler to have a flow change here from 01:12:037 (2) - . Continuing the same circular motion really makes sure that these notes don't stand out at all. Would personally ctrl+g 01:12:497 (2,3) - so you keep the same triangle but it just goes the opposite direction. Ofc change 01:12:803 (1,2,3,4,5) - accordingly.
  7. 01:18:772 (1) - Why the new NC here? It does legit nothing special and just seems overdone. deletpls
  8. 01:42:803 (1,2,3,4) - Seems visually way smaller spaced than 00:48:925 (1,2,3,4) - . Try to get a more consistent feeling to it.
  9. 01:48:773 (1,3) - rip not perfectly aligned ):
  10. 01:59:028 (2,3,4) - Feels really awkward to play. The angle you force here onto a player is really uncomfortable and really throws the player off since you never used this kind of angles before. No, it's not consistent to 01:05:150 (2,3,4) - in the way it flows clearly. Try to have it more consistent please
  11. 02:40:660 (2,3,4) - Kinda miss the symmetry patterns that were used here before ;w;
  12. 02:48:925 (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8) - Why is this the only patterning with the squares moving away from eachother, compared to the before patterns? Looks really weird after constantly having seen something different.

[ Extra: Moonlight]
  1. Can you up the AR a bit? It feels way too low when playing. Would say that ar9,7 is way better.
  2. 00:13:109 (7) - The sudden spacing increase here feels really weird. It really stands out currently, but it doesn't in the music. Try to tune it down a notch. (if you want more emphasis to 00:13:262 (1) - move this note around instead pls)
  3. 00:17:395 (2) - What made you make a 1/1 slider here? You made this 1/2 in the Night diff and misemphasise the drum beat on 00:17:701 - cuz it was clickable before so why not here!
  4. 00:20:150 (1,2,3,4) - legit the same issue as in the night diff lo
  5. 00:31:476 (5) - Imo highest spacing should be to this note due to the vocals intervering here, making it a much more noticable beat than 00:31:629 (6) - which might have some weak drum to it? You did it well on 00:41:119 (4,5,6) - so :>
  6. 00:43:262 (1,2,3,4,5) - ngl a pentagon stream would fit much better here with the strong circular flow you're forcing upon the player with this.
  7. 00:52:139 (4) - Sure about the smaller spacing used here? I don't feel like a decrease makes much sense. Would try to see if you could make 00:51:680 (1,2,3,4) - into one big square as the song has consistent beats so consistently spaced patterns would fit better.
  8. 00:57:650 (2,3,4,5,6,7) - If there was anything that played really poorly in this map, it has to be this. The extreme increase in spacing is the least a player could expect to happen here since there are no dramatic changes in the song and the spacing was way smaller introduced on 00:55:354 (2,3,4,5) - which a player would refer to as similar. Please nerf this, I beg you.
  9. 01:12:190 (4) - Here is the big change in the ryhtm of the song. According to your map, it's at 01:11:731 (1) - . Yes I completely disagree once again with the usage of spacing here as it simply does not reflect anything in the song. I would be fine with a spacing change after 01:12:190 (4) - since you hear that strong drum kick in and hear it for a while so a player can be expected to do more. However, 01:11:731 (1) - simply does not have the same impact and thus starting extreme jumps here plays terrible. Please nerf 01:11:731 (1,2,3) - so that they fit the rest of the section.
  10. 01:17:242 (1,2,3,4,5,6,7) - You did more fancy stuff here in the Night diff, so why not here w/
  11. 01:23:517 (1,2,3) - I still hear the same guitar that was emphasised before with circles, why is it getting ignored here?
  12. 02:24:435 (1) - You sure about ending the slider on such a strong drum? Would make it clickable instead.
  13. 02:32:854 (1,2,3,4,5,6,7) - Since the buildup still is going on in legit this section, wouldn't it be better to have a pattern that slowly increases in spacing instead? Keeping the same visual distance just makes it feel like dumb jump spam when playing and is really not enjoyable.
  14. 02:43:262 (1,2,3,4) - Same issue as before. What makes 02:43:721 (4) - stand out so much compared to the rest of the notes in these jumps? It has no special sound or anything so why is it being extremely emphasised?
    I'm not gonna point out in legit every jump pattern why the emphasis is wrong: it are consistent errors you make. Also perhaps better leads into the jumps can be appreciated so it doesn't feel like I suddenly have to throw my pen around my entire room all of the sudden. I didn't enjoy playing this diff due to its randomness. With a little emphasis check I bet it can feel a lot, and I mean a lot better.

I hope some of this is useful www
Good luck!
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My Angel Kanan wrote:


Natsu wrote:

My Angel Kanan wrote:

what a rude - from.#61,524
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I'm going to reply to mods soon and btw diff names are rankable
egg and cheese
thought i would just bring it up anyways cuz the same happened with Pitch Fucker, which yes ended up with having to change diff names too w/
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HighTec wrote:

thought i would just bring it up anyways cuz the same happened with Pitch Fucker, which yes ended up with having to change diff names too w/
The case is that if they make sense in a spread mode are fine, for example sleeping walking running
DeRandom Otaku
My map :
  1. 02:33:772 - you could really remove kiai from here to 02:34:231 - to enhance the feeling in gameplay.

  1. 00:54:435 (2) - The vocal on slider reverse arrow is clearly much more intense than what you have on slider start, so 00:54:895 - this is the beat that should have more emphasis instead of 00:54:435 -
  2. 01:04:690 - Same thing and pretty much the same for all cases like these
  3. 01:14:333 (2,2) - Consistency? Also i think its better to change 01:14:333 (2) - into 1/2 since thats where the sound is lol
  4. 01:27:497 - Should be a 1/1 slider here as well or atleast a circle here because theres clearly a vocal at 01:27:497 - which you skipped.
  5. 01:44:793 (4) - i think a 1/1 slider would suffice here since you are mostly prioritizing vocals , the vocals are at 01:44:793 - 01:45:099 - which can be represented by a normal 1/1 slider better.
  6. 02:49:844 (2,2) - same consistency thing as before

  1. 00:19:078 (4) - Could safely remove this circle because its not representing the guitar sound you are following in this part

  1. 01:37:905 (1,2) - Is that tiny overlap really necessary lol it looks pretty bad

  1. 00:32:701 (1,2) - Swap NC's because the new vocal phrase starts from 00:33:007 -
  2. 00:42:497 (1,2) - Same. Same for the rest

  1. 00:17:548 (2,4) - Overkill spacing compared to the rest of the stuff in this section
  2. 01:06:068 (1,2,3) - Pretty weird flow compared to the rest
  3. 01:36:374 (1,2) - Rhythm sounds weird here. Try doing something like 00:32:701 (4,1,2) - 00:42:497 (4,1,2) - because these sound better and it will make it more consistent
  4. 02:08:823 (1) - This is not 1/3 at all lol. Try listening at 25% or refer to other difficulties.
  5. 02:39:129 (1,2,3,4) - Very very inconsistent with the rhythm you used for this sounds in other sections like 01:57:497 (1,2,3) - 01:03:619 (1,2,3,4) -

  1. 00:32:701 (1,2) - Same thing as in sunset difficulty and it also applies in other sections of this difficulty

  1. Seems fine.

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