tomppabeats - i want to tell you i love you but i can't (ft.

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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on domingo, 23 de abril de 2017 at 20:29:05

Artist: tomppabeats
Title: i want to tell you i love you but i can't (ft. olli)
Tags: nokashi shortthu [a_l_p_h_a]
BPM: 92
Filesize: 1822kb
Play Time: 00:52
Difficulties Available:
  1. easy. (1,06 stars, 26 notes)
  2. nokashi's normal. (1,65 stars, 58 notes)

Download: tomppabeats - i want to tell you i love you but i can't (ft. olli)
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Tomppabeats Series
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For Rank

SB: Shortthu

Easy: Me
Normal: Nokashi

/ : -
/ : -

  1. Add Nokashi, shortthu and your name without spaces and with "_" (like [A_L_P_H_A]
  1. the sounds aren't so strong to be emphasised so strong. i suggest to remove flashes like this 00:11:136 -
  1. Why do you use different DS everywhere? This is an Easy diff and DS must be consistent
  2. NCing every third tact is better than just random NCing, so remove nc from 00:24:179 (1) - and place it on 00:26:788 (6) - etc
  3. 00:33:635 - you usually emphasised all sounds like this with 1/2 repeat sliders so I suggest to do so here
  1. As we know from std RC:
    Spinners should be used when they fit the music. This is to ensure score differences among perfect plays on the leaderboard. They usually fit during held notes, changes in intensity, or transitions between sections.
    Basing on this guideline I suggest to put a spinner here 00:46:594 - till 00:52:952 -
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