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I wrote some stuff on sheet of paper and put it on my laptop. If I play a map and keep glancing at this sheet of paper while doing this, will I be considered a cheater and banned?

In other words, can you make up your own notation to encode the beatmap patterns, wrote down elements that are hard for you to memorize or where you keep making mistakes on a piece of paper and put it next to your screen, while playing?

Seems easy to do for mania (just like music sheets?) or taiko (example in the link below), but much more tricky for something 2-dimentional like osu!standard (probably still doable).

During many piano/other instrument competitions, from what I know, you are free to use music sheets. So, are you free to use your own made music sheets in osu! too?

relevant: https://www.reddit.com/r/osugame/commen ... per_legal/
No, because it is still you playing the game and there is still error in your play. That is basically like memorizing a map and in the end won't really help you actually play the map
I hope so. I didn't used my piece of paper yet, but also I am not going to, unless I will be sure. It looks for me much different than something like dual-screening or even gamma, which modify what and how do you see, or even lets you see in real time something that you shouldn't, maybe even with modified speed or so.

From other hand, you won't really write down map perfectly on piece of paper, unless you make some really complex music sheet or something, so it's more like making memorization easier for you. You still need to be able to decode what you wrote down, which will most likely need a memorization of certain degree, as well as it can actually make playing harder for you as you lose focus and look somewhere else than on screen (like blinking, closing eyes, talking with someone etc. does).

You need the same physical abilities to play the map. It doesn't make reading easier for you, as it's not really reading you are mostly basing on while playing stuff like FL or HDFL, but it makes "memorization" and it's executing easier. So, it could be technically considered a certain form of cheating, but the thing is: if even during musical competitions (prolly not all?) it's allowed to have music sheets and such, would it be bad to use music sheets while playing rhythmic games?

Because what I am really asking about is simplified version of music sheets. It either looks like some kind of grey area or some players can consider it as one, so I think it's better to ask and be sure, if it's okay.


I found some relevant arguments here:
https://www.reddit.com/r/osugame/commen ... s/d6x37nk/
To me it just sounds like a technique, you won't be in trouble for this as it isn't cheating or even wrong. I know some people who do this playing HDFL on taiko :P you are completely in the clear!
Rules state that:
  1. Manipulation or alteration of the client such as score hacking, macroing, affecting the timescale on which the client operates, auto-aim, and anything that generally removes the human element from play is considered cheating. If you have to ask if something is considered cheating, and you have to use an external program to achieve that effect, it probably is.

Memorizing still requires human effort, so does looking at the paper and having enough time to look at the game at the same time. It still requires focus. It is the same as memorizing in your mind, wouldn't it make sense to think that memorizing on your mind is the same as writing? Although it seems a bit ridiculous, it probably isn't considered cheating. As writing on a piece of paper in a FL map shouldn't even help you a bit, since most songs have a bit of length and there's only so much a paper could do. On the other hand, decoding the meaning of what you've written on the paper still does what I've highlighted.

It probably isn't cheating. That's is my conclusion on it, but I can't really call it.
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