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Problem Details:

I yesterday upgraded Windows 10 to Creators Update newset version and hence my osu! Game wont start anymore (it seems to load but then crashes with the "osu!.exe stopped working" window.
I tried reinstalling the game, with the same Issue.
After looking up the Windows Event Log I found out there seemed to be an error with the Nvidia Driver (Screenshots),
so I also reinstalled it - also without effect.

I've really no clue at this point, has anyone had this issue or has ideas how to fix this?
Thanks in advance !

Video or screenshot showing the problem:

Windows Error:


osu! version: 20170404.2 (latest)
Double click osu! while holding Shift. A window called osu! configuration should pop up. From there, enable Compatibility Mode.

Also make sure your graphic card's drivers are up to date. See here.
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