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Problem Details:

When I open osu! the fps is normal as well as gameplay. However, after a few seconds into a song, the fps drops to about 15 and I am unable to play the song. If I don't open osu! for a while then reopen it, the same occurs. This has been happening for other games on my computer such as Shovel Knight and Hearthstone. Normal speeds when opening but suddenly drops and is not playable. This doesn't happen with Chrome or other non-game programs. Restarting the computer didn't fix the problem. I haven't installed or uninstalled and new software and I haven't added or deleted beatmaps or changed and osu! files.

Video or screenshot showing the problem:


osu! version: 20170404.2 (latest)
Scan your computer for viruses
I just did a quick scan with windows defender on win 10. It said there were no viruses. Osu! is still in the same state. I'm performing a full scan now, will keep you posted.
- Making the FPS limiter in osu! to 'unlimited.'
- Check your storage. If your storage is too full, it can crash your computer because there is no space left.
- Check your graphics card.
- Consult with a professional on another forum. Try looking for a subreddit on reddit that you can ask for help. Maybe somebody that specializes in technology, or someone who knows alot more than I do.
Have you tried restarting your computer?

Make sure no background processes are taking up too much resources. or your computer isn't running out of any.
Restarting the computer didn't fix the problem.
Compatibility mode/reduced frame rates also don't seem to do anything.

The only background processes are the tablet and my nvidia graphics settings.

The full scan from Windows Defender finished with no problems found.
Windows Defender isn't reliable for finding viruses. Try Malwarebytes.
Otherwise, make sure you're not scaling the frequency of the PC like overclocking or make sure any program isn't changing the values like a tuner.

Have you checked task manager and checked if ram was above 90%?
If it was check to see which program is taking all the ram.
If it says svchost.exe then you might be having a memory leak.
After a few days, osu! seems to be functioning normally now for some reason. I haven't changed and settings or done really anything to fix the problem.
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