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Problem Details:

When I play osu with my CTH-470 tablet I cant seem to move it, it just stays at the top left of the screen. I disable raw input and it works but its at 1x sensitivity and I play at 2. I cant disable windows ink because idk where that is and ive tried every tutorial. I just updated my computer last night and idk what to do now.

Video or screenshot showing the problem:
There isnt really anything to screenshot because this seems like a common problem tbh

osu! version: 20170404.2 (latest)
Does the tablet work outside of osu? If not, there might be something wrong in the tablet. If it works outside of osu, but doesn't work in osu (speficially), then there is something with with the settings.

- Reinstalling osu. If you are desperate, try reinstalling osu, which will lose all your maps but might get your tablet working.
- Check your USB cord. You may have not plugged your tablet in correctly.
Do not suggest Reinstalling osu! This is a last ditch effort and if you do, please backup your songs and important stuff.

Elpeplays, You should be using your tablet drivers to set area, not using sensitivity (Although it works) this issue seems to be a problem with the latest Windows 10 updated. You can try rolling back, seems to work for some.
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