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nold_1702 wrote:

I apologise for the late response, I am in a very restrictive area where access to the Internet is highly limited and I do not have a computer with me. Please apply the mods on my behalf should the need arise. I can recall some, unfortunately not all, of the patterns in question, thus, corresponding responses can be given. Since the judgements are made upon mere memory, they may not therefore aptly ascribe to accurate responses to Monstrata's mods. As such, I require Rezia's assistance in applying and rejecting mods, under such a circumstance, his applications and rejections of the mods may violate my will upon his judgements.

Monstrata wrote:

Nold's Xtra

00:00:932 (1,2,1,2,1,2,1,2,1,2,1,2) - I think going the opposite direction (small to big) fits better and supports what you did with 00:03:432 (1,2,1,2,1,2,1,2,1,2,1,2) - . :arrow: It would be counter intuitive to make the distance between the last two notes of the first group so big and then sudden shrink that of the first pattern of the second group. Moreover, I do wish more variations instead of repetitions can be made in the intro.

00:10:463 (1,2,1,2) - It makes more sense to Ctrl+G 00:10:932 (1,2) - to fit the flow, since slider 1 to 2 creates a counterclockwise flow. snapping to 1>2 like that felt like a weird angle and didn't take advantage of the slider movement. flow would be fine imo
00:22:338 (1,2) - These two felt really overmapped for me. I can understand the 5 note stream, but 7 doens't make sense to me xP.
i can hear there have some appropriate to follow
00:27:026 (1,2,1,2,1,2,1,2,3,1,2,1,2,1,2) - The spacing here is just really big unnecessarily, compared to the rest of the jumps you use in the section. I really recommend scaling them down because yea, they stand out a lot but they don't map to anything in the music that stands out. Like 00:42:182 (1,2,1,2,1) - make a lot more sense. :arrow: I am not sure which pattern you are talking about but if Rezia deems the change appropriate, I will go for it.
00:57:182 (1,2,1,2,1,2) - Really not seeing the justification for these jumps xP. Or why they need to be kickslider pairs like this. :arrow: Please Rezia help me shrink the spacing by a bit.
00:59:370 (1) - Ctr;+G would be nice. You still get the emphasis on 1 but the flow is more tolerable. :arrow: Is it the 1/4 jump? and is this the 1/4 slider? If so, I would keep it as ctrl+g-ing it would ruin the flow of the coming pattern and I feel the sound at this point is sudden so the breaking of the flow is justified.
01:04:682 (1) - Actually didn't feel that strong compared to stuff you did earlier.
Rezia please.
Thank you so much for the mods Monstrata.
updated above
Chloe's Extra is missing video.

Unused hitsounds:


Change these to .wav please:


normal-hitfinish70.wav needs to be cropped, it has too much of a delay at the beginning thats unnecessary.

Call me when they're fixed.
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fixed all

We fixed the hitsound cuz even tho it was not 0% volume at the beginning, it was still basically inaudible.

ayyyy almost there boys
dude wat (probably no kds)
Nold's diff

00:22:338 (1,2,3,4,5,6,7) - what is any of this even mapped to
00:28:276 (1,2) - you don't use any jumps this big in the chorus, but I mean, sure, yeah, just throw them in at some random point in the verse
00:30:776 (1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1) - there are at least audible drums for this part, but why 1/8 sliders, drums definitely don't have any implication of a held sound
00:33:745 (1,2,3) - random uncomfortable flow when nothing in the song implies discomfort
00:42:182 (1,2,1,2,1) - actual fullscreen jumps. y tho. also, why kicksliders?
00:52:182 (1,2,3,1,2) - again, why kicksliders? not to mention the fact that this pattern is really small. if you're using fullscreen jumps at random shit, shouldn't you be using fullscreen jumps for the buildup to the chorus?
00:54:370 (2,3,4) - mapped to???
00:55:151 (2,3,1) - ^
00:55:776 (1,2,3) - ^
00:56:245 (2,3,4) - ^
00:57:182 (1,2,1,2,1,2) - kicksliders? and I think I've sufficiently covered my issues with spacing by now
00:58:588 (1,2,3,4,5,6) - not mapped to anything. not to mention the fact that you put the corner on a weak beat
00:59:526 (2,3,4) - more overmapping
no point in modding the rest, this covers every basic issue, but, I mean, why? you're a good mapper, you know all this shit already, why would you make a map that doesn't follow the music at all?
even with all the basic issues tho, still better than a lot of ranked maps. imo, ranking this as is would a step in the wrong direction for the ranked section, but I think that's too far gone anyway. ecks dee.

(edit: forgot to mention which diff)
Hello burntceder. Thank you for your mod. I am very sorry that I am now unable to change anything. However, I would like to address that my mapping style may not necessarily follow exact sounds in the song so mechanically, the way in which I map is nonetheless to use objects as means to create a vibe that fits the song.

nold_1702 wrote:

I would like to address that my mapping style may not necessarily follow exact sounds in the song so mechanically, the way in which I map is nonetheless to use objects as means to create a vibe that fits the song.
"It's my style"
that, and the fact that overmapping on this level is really not something that should be pushed towards rank, aside, that doesn't explain why you put larger jumps in a non intense section of a song than in the chorus...

anyway, I should apologize, I didn't know a single bubble made you incapable of updating. I hope what I said didn't come across as spiteful, you've made some of my favorite maps, and are a cool guy in general, so I hope we're still on good terms.
Hello burntceder, thank you for your response. It was not the bubble that made me unable to make changes in the diff, but the fact that I have no computer with me and the internet here is awful that it has taken me 15 mins to go onto this site alone. I would need Rezia's assistance, once again, to judge if changes should be made upon your mod. Thank you again for your mod and your support.
Nold replies are so cute
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Firis Mistlud
make me nominator and i'll qf this
make me nominator and i'll qf this
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