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SMT Monthly 13: May | 1k-10k + 10k-50k | Ended

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1k-10k Sign up | 10k-50k Sign up | Website | Stream | Discord | Youtube | Facebook

  1. osu! standard
  2. Rank: 1k-10k + 10k-50k
  3. 16 teams maximum per bracket
  4. 3v3 w/ team size of 6 (minimum 4)
  5. Score v2
Big Lau
Hello everyone!

The BITPOF community is currently recruiting players for its 10k-50k team. Please send me a direct message on the osu! website if you are interested in joining our team. I will then proceed to give you a link to our Discord server for communication with all members.

Thank you and good luck to all teams!
#9148, South Australia looking for a team.
Hello Tiddielovers!

Anime Tiddles is recruiting! Now is the time to join our team!

Anime Tiddles is an Osu team with lot's of experience over multiple tourney's. A few accomplishments so far are:
First place SMT#6
First place SMT #8

Third place SMT #9
Second place SMT #10 (team B)
Third place SMT #10 (team A)
We also have experience with bigger tournaments like SMT Winter, OHC, and lot's of other tourneys

We are looking for Active people with a good amount of time over the weekends.
We are looking for 10k-50k Players!

Always wanted to join a fun team with a big community?
Always wanted to get better at osu?
Are you ready to fight for your win and feel the oh so sweet euphoria? ;)

Send me a message ingame, here in the forums or PM me!

See you soon!
Looking for team 16022
who wants to join emo boys 37 one of our boys already went rogue and left the team plz join ty
any team i can join? 19k
Looking for a team 15k player :x
dat boi waffle
Looking for team, rank 1000
Looking fot team #13,996
Looking for a Team x)
about 12K ^^"
Good luck & have fun @everyone
Looking for a team
Mahiru Koizumi
Looking for a team, #41201

Meggomegg wrote:

Looking for a Team x)
about 12K ^^"
Good luck & have fun @everyone
Still looking for a team?
I'm looking for a team, 20k or lower only!
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Group Stage starts this weekend, sign-ups are no longer accepted.
If you're in a team and haven't yet checked on our website for schedules, I urge you to do so here: 1k-10k | 10k-50k
If you still want to sign up, you can try your luck in our june tournament here!
Looking for a team 2.9k can play all mods
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RikuSexualToy wrote:

Looking for a team 2.9k can play all mods
Sign-ups are closed and the tournament has been underway for 3 weeks, please read the comment right before yours for more info.
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This tournament is now finished!

Congratulations to Ruskraine (1k-10k) and OchinchinDaisuki (10k-50k) for winning and thanks to everyone who participated!
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