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Problem Details:

I can't seem to use keyboard controls when using osu, and they aren't disabled, but whenever I try to use them they don't work. I don't have a mouse that's plugged in or anything I just use the one on my keyboard, and when I play or just click with the keyboard on beatmaps, the cursor freezes and I can't move it and I enabled mouse buttons. My bindings for left and right click are Z and X and I haven't changed them. Help would be appreciated since I am trying to get better at osu mode!

Video or screenshot showing the problem:

osu! version: 20170404.2 (latest)
Are you using a laptop? There is a possibility they do this on purpose so that you cant type and move the mouse at the same time. (sorta like how my laptop is)
You can try disabling palm check in your windows mouse settings.
Yep, I have Windows. I just can't move it after and sliders don't work.
What is palm check and does it affect anything else?
Palm check is a setting in your mouse properties. It prevents the cursor from moving when you are typing (When you press a key)
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