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Problem Details:
Well,I played Contrail Kiseki map,And i succesfully fc it.It is weighted 131pp,but it isn't added to my total pp,i didn't get any of ranks,i just got score (3,6 millions i think).Then i thought that is my internet problem so i tried to fc easier difficulty,and i got 27pp.It was added so i dont know where's problem,why my pp score wasn't added to my total of pp. :C

Video or screenshot showing the problem:

osu! version: 20170404.2 (latest)
If it is in your top play list, it is going to be counted. Someimes it is just slow to update. Did you get your pp yet? Or still nothing?
Still nothin' :C
Is the issue still persisting? If so, maybe you missed the update of your total PP count. If you made sure to see that your ranked score was refreshed, maybe the ranks came when you tried the lesser difficulty? If not, the PP should be there regardless of if it shows up or not, due mainly because it shows up in your top plays.

If the issue is not persisting, then the person above was correct, BanchoBot sometimes takes time to submit plays and such.
Did you play anything after you FCed the map? If so, 'PP is weighted, so you will only get a percentage of the PP that is shown. Also, all of the plays underneath the new play in your top plays will lose value, further decreasing the amount of pp you will gain.' - from another thread
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