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Howard Goodall - Paris Taxi Ride [CatchTheBeat]

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Sc4v4ng3r wrote:

Took notice from this queue so I'm here.

  1. shitty meme song nuked I mean uhh you could use like 1 more colour, something like beige to match Mr.Bean's coat. Just 3 colours which only has red, blue and grey is quite lacking of variety tbh.

  1. You said you will only make this harder when a BN says so? Well you should definitely now xD omg. you're backreading
  2. 00:04:388 (3,1) - Really underspaced. Others I can tolerate because this is the lowest difficulty in the set, but this really needs to be fixed somehow. I would make (1) a circle triplet, pointing towards the right like this. You can place down the triplet further on the left that way, but you will have to move around other notes after these notes (but its for the good!)
  3. 00:09:788 (2,1) - A good place to add a dash since it's a part transition - and since this difficulty lacks dashes (I only found 1 in the entire difficulty), a dash would be good to balance out the spread with platter. Same goes for 00:25:388 (4,1) - here as it is the beginning of another part.
  4. 00:33:188 (2,3,4) - Comparing the (2) with (3) and (4), the distance between (3) and (4) and between the fruits of (2) makes it feel like there's a small flowstop on (2) and (3), because their distance is quite short compared to the other. Would try to increase the distance between (2) and (3) a little more so no unintended flowstop happens.
  5. But other than that, the overall difficulty feels nice to play, good job. thanks

  1. 00:02:788 (4,1,2) - This is kinda out of the blue because while the sound's the same as 00:01:188 (4,1,2) - , players here are instead made to hold the dash a little longer to catch all the notes in dashes, which could be a little disorienting. I would only make a dash between (4) and (1) and remove the other for consistency.
  2. 00:04:988 (1,2) - Would tone down the distance here a little bit bec ause with the anti-flow after a dash, this can be seen as an unnecessary dash.
  3. 00:05:988 (4,1,2) - So far you've been emphasizing the sound at (1) (the downbeat) more than the (2) (the offbeat) - you should make this consistent. Either increase the distance between (4) and (1) and shorten it between (1) and (2) (easier), or have all the similar notes like 00:01:188 (4,1,2) - do the same like this (requires more effort). And also the current distance on this doesn't feel like a dash so after applying the fix you should increase the distance between (4) and (1) for a clearer dash.
  4. From 00:11:388 - this point on, the map suffers from awkwardly placed notes. What I mean by that is something like 00:11:388 (1,2) - or 00:12:388 (1,2,3) - , where it feels like the dash distance, but at the same time dashing would make you overshoot the note - while walking alone wouldn't quite get you to the other note. I highly suggest you to reduce all of these distances - including the ones already mentioned, because this brings the quality of the map down a lot. true. okay, i know what you mean. i will fix this part as good as i can to satisfy your suggestion.
    00:11:388 (1,2) -
    00:12:388 (1,2,3) -
    00:14:988 (1,2) -
    00:16:188 (1,2) -
    00:18:788 (2,3,4,5) -
    00:20:988 (2,3,4,5) -
    00:26:788 (2,3,4) -
    00:27:988 (5,6) -
    00:31:188 (2,3,4) - (anti-flow makes it more awkward than the distance alone)
    00:32:588 (1,2) -
    00:33:988 (4,5,6,7) - (straight, increasing distance of consecutive circles makes the player hold down dash at some point - disorienting)
  5. 00:17:388 (3,4) - Don't really think a dash is warranted here because the sound at (4), while it being special, isn't really loud or strong enough to support 1. Heck it's not even consistent with 00:13:588 (4,5) - which has the same synth, so I would remove the dash for consistency.
  6. 00:22:188 (5,1) - Having the same distance as 00:21:788 (4,5) - for what it seems like an intended dash makes this really ambiguous to play. If there was supposed to be a dash here, increase the distance. If not, reduce it. its pretty hard to adjust; i did make the pattern dashable
  7. 00:33:988 (4,5) - In addition to being included in the box above, this also feels quite ambiguous. It is close to being a dash, but it can be caught by walking as well. Since (5) isn't anything strong or special, I would recommend you to reduce down the distance, so that it doesn't look like a dash anymore.
  8. 00:35:388 (2,3) - There was no dash like this on 00:20:988 (2,3,4,5) - any of these notes, and you didn't do it for (4) and (5), so I would just remove this dash for being off consistency.

  1. 00:00:988 (3,4) - Would increase the distance a little bit because the dash here makes it feel like I might just overshoot it instead.
  2. 00:02:588 (3,4) - This is a dash... right? Feels like it has too low of a distance atm, would increase it here too. Actually same goes for all of 00:04:188 (3,4) - , 00:07:388 (3,4) - and 00:08:988 (3,4) - .
  3. 00:03:288 (5,1) - 5.3x 1/4 hyper at this early kinda feels a little too overdone tbh, I would reduce it down to 4.7x or something instead.
  4. 00:09:688 (5,1) - Ok I know this is supposed to be a strong hyper, but the distance makes it feel like a wall to wall hyper - it's really too far for a Rain (especially when you have another top diff, which wouldnt fit this same hyper anyway cause the song isn't that intense for 1). Highly suggested to reduce this down. okay, at this part i removed every 1/4 notes as it destroys the beautysmoothness of the entire difficulty. no need to change it right now. maybe not? i think i'll die here.
  5. 00:09:688 (1) - Also you don't need a NC here.
  6. 00:10:988 (4,1) - This one I can understand a little more because of the part transition, would reduce it to something like 5.4-5x.
  7. 00:13:588 (6,7) - No other snares at the similar tick like (7) has been made a dash like it, so for consistency I would just remove the dash here. If it wasn't intended however, you would still need to reduce because it look quite ambiguous as it is. Same goes 00:16:788 (5,1) - here.
  8. 00:22:588 (1,2,3,4) - Do these need tapdashes or can I just walk for all of them? It's really not clear here. Especially with (1) and (2), where it is certainly walkable, but it feels more comfortable to dash instead. If you want dashes, please increase the distance to be clear. Otherwise, reduce the distance for all.
  9. 00:26:788 (2,3) - Awkward distance leading up to (3), and it can have a great impact as it leads to a 1/4 hyper, which could be messed up easily if overshot by dashing to (3) or not catching (3), etc.. Again, reduce if you want to make it walkable, or increase if you want a dash.
  10. 00:33:788 (4,5) - For 00:19:388 (4,5) - and similar others you used a dash, so I don't get why a hyper is used here instead. It's not specially strong or anything, so I would just make a dash for consistency.
  11. 00:34:788 (7,8,9) - Kind of a weird flow that's caused by (7) and (8), which is more or less a flowstop, then a pair of anti-flow pattern with (9) and hyper towards (1) - comparing the flowstop with the rest of the map, it really kills the momentum a player would have for the hyper upcoming. And because of this flowstop + anti-flow pattern, the hyper towards (1) become even more further away (at least it feels that way) - which is not you really want. I would make a pattern like this instead, but it's your choice.

[Playback Time]
  1. Difficulty is filled with overly excessive 'wall to wall' hypers - maybe if they were 1/2 it would be fine, but 1/4 is out of question. I know this is supposed to be an overdose, but those wall to wall hypers in this song just doesn't fit. This isn't like camellia's song or anything really. Notes like 00:17:388 (4,5,6,7) - really just function as a very hard difficulty spike, and to top it off you even made an anti-flow pattern like 00:24:988 (5,6,7) - this, which is another horrible difficulty spike. No hate for the map, it's just that these stuff brings down the difficulty by a lot. Try to go over the difficulty and check for distances like I gave, there are plenty of them (especially towards the end of the song) and I don't want to be listing down all of them here.
  2. 00:00:188 - until 00:09:788 - This section's is full of ambiguous distances (much like Platter). Sure it's an overdose so I could just dash to all of it, but if I could I won't make this point. All of the notes here have varying distances, that even if I were to correctly tapdash to each one, at one point I would miss a fruit because the notes are suddenly so close together. If you are going to make them have a small tapdash, please increase distances on stuff like 00:02:588 (3,4) - , or else, just reduce every other distances and make dashes/hypers on downbeats or important beats like 00:01:388 (4) - .
  3. 00:05:788 (3,4) - That being said, this hyper comes out of nowhere and is off-consistency with other similar notes. Remove the hyper.
  4. 00:10:588 (7,8) - This is a few grids away from being a hyper, which makes this a pixel dash. Well maybe not too close, but because of the anti-flow it sure makes it feel like 1. Try to reduce it so that it's a clearer normal dash.
  5. 00:21:388 (3,4,1) - Distance here compared to the rest of the notes feels way too close, that it doesn't create a comfortable dash. Would increase the gap between (4) and (1).
  6. 00:22:088 (2,3) - This is like 3-4 grids from being a hyper, which actually makes it a pixel dash. Since you used normal dashes here, would reduce the gap.
  7. 00:25:388 (7,8) - All this time you didn't emphasize the downbeats so strong like this, so the wall to wall hyper here comes out of the blue, which can surprise players. I highly suggest you to reduce this down.
  8. 00:27:188 (5,6) - Stuff like 00:33:588 (6,1) - this is emphasized with a hyper, so idk why you didn't do it here, where the instrument's clearly stronger. Highly suggested to make a hyper here.
  9. 00:30:188 (3,4) - This hyper doesn't really feel supported, because (4) doesn't really contain a strong instrument that exactly falls under it - it's only 00:30:588 (1) - this note which is the actual strong note here. Would remove the hyper here for that.
  10. 00:35:388 (1,2,3,4,1,2,3,4) - Similar to what I've said in Rain, I don't get why these has hypers while 00:20:988 (1,2,3,4,1,2,3,4) - these were all dashes, when they basically have the same strength and has the same synth and sound. I suggest you to make their movement consistent, would recommend using dash instead of hyper though.
  11. 00:37:588 (3,4,5) - A 1/4 hyper and a 1/2 hyper having the same distance is just overdoing it. Because of the difference of speed provided by the each of them, the transitions towards 1/2 hyper becomes extremely challenging - you need almost a near-perfect timing for this, and you would still catch it on the edge most probably. If the distance of 1/4 hyper was reduced, the 1/2 hyper would be much more bearable.

Well, i think i might delete the top difficulty as i realized that it is indeed an overly mapped difficulty; also, it doesn't fit with the music at all. what do you say about that? Should i continue it or nah?

Mostly there are overemphasis problems in the top diff while the rest suffers from ambiguous distances. Tbh my mod wouldn't really be enough so try to search for more.
Good luck :)
Thank you for the BN check.
Reviving the map.

Please continue
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SYAHME wrote:

Please continue
I will 8-)
Never give up
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ugly mapping style :////

  1. Unused files:
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    3. 03.jpg


  1. 00:00:188 - Overall spacing used in the intro part makes the gameplay involved too much movement for a calm section, should be nerfed
  2. 00:09:988 - Shouldn't skip this one
  3. 00:11:388 (1) - 00:11:788 (2) - Are rhythmically different so you should map them differently to indicate the difference, 2 circles instead of 00:11:388 (1) - might work. Same applies to 00:25:788 .
  4. 00:11:388 (1) - 00:25:788 (7) - NC are inconsistent despite rhythm being the same. Also applies to Platter.
  5. 00:13:588 (6) - Ok so you hyperdash'd on this but then you did it differently on 00:19:388 (4,5) ?
  6. 00:16:088 - Sounds like 1/6 tho
  7. 00:17:388 (2,3,4) - 00:31:788 (2,3,4) - Don't really get why these are hitsounded differently
  8. 00:18:188 - Whistle missing.
  9. 00:19:388 (4,5) - Add hyperdash? For consistency with 00:13:588 (6) - 00:16:188 (4) .
  10. 00:20:988 (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8) - Pattern would be more accurate to the melody if you go for something like where direction changes happen on white ticks (which are more prominent)
  11. 00:22:488 - 1/6 as well
  12. 00:22:588 - The whole measure could have added more 1/4 rhythms but up to you I guess
  13. 00:27:588 (5) - 00:33:988 (5) - Not a good variation from other ones 00:13:588 (6) - 00:16:188 (4) - etc you did previously tho, like variation is one thing but don't do it to the point where it creates different emphasis/interpretation of the rhythms.
  14. 00:33:188 (2,3,4,5) - And this one doesn't have any hyperdashes unlike 00:26:788 (2,3,4,5) - ?
  15. 00:34:888 - There's nothing here to be mapped? Or at least 00:35:088 - 00:35:288 - clearly sound more prominent than the blue tick you mapped which idk why
  16. 00:35:388 - Same pattern thing as mentioned before
  17. 00:38:588 - Missing clap.

From the highest diff alone feels like things aren't polished enough, spacings/hyperdashes are sometimes inconsistent for reasons I'm not aware of, hitsounds tend to be missing here and there (which I already pointed them out but there could be more)


  1. 00:10:988 (2,1) - 00:25:788 (6,1) - 1/1 movement stoppage on different rhythms for some reason lol, could ctrl+G rhythm 00:10:988 (2,1) - and make it the same as 00:25:788 (6) .
  2. 00:12:988 (3,4) - 00:27:788 (3,4) - woah woah woah consistency pls
  3. 00:18:188 (1,2,3) - Same rhythm difference idea as mentioned at 00:11:388 - in Rain.
  4. 00:28:988 (7,1) - Not sure why this is a hyperdash
  5. 00:33:988 (5,6,7,8) - Any reason for using different rhythms from what you did at 00:19:988 (4) - 00:27:988 (4) - etc?

ok I think I'm gonna stop on mentioning hyperdashes
like I don't know if you're intending to make the later half harder than the first but that doesn't really work because you're trying to make the gameplay harder while the intensity of the song stays the same.


  1. Need more dashes, like the entire diff is almost walkable. If you don't know what to add then first try adding dashes on beats you hyperdash'd in Platter, that will make the spread more consistent.
  2. 00:11:388 - 00:25:788 - I know these parts are the same but can you just do some more variations than just copy paste and flip the whole thing???

Not good enough at the moment, if you want me to nominate this then I expect to see more effort than what is displayed in the set currently.
If you have any questions then feel free to poke me via forum/in-game, good luck~
Hi! From my queue a week ago
Just a short notice
  1. 00:22:588 - you didn't make any change in hitsounds or sv at all, remove the green line here
  2. 00:27:588 (5) - a reverse slider would be better, it doesn't make sense to make a slidertick sounds like a big note
  3. 00:33:988 (5) - same case
  4. 00:36:988 - remove green line as well
    The map plays fine imo, idk what point should be noted xD
  1. 00:05:988 (4,1) - weird dash spacing here, the song isn't that intense to increase it just like that, same as 00:07:588 (4,1) - too
  2. 00:10:988 (2) - too much hyper, trigger distance(x:416) is enough
  3. 00:11:088 - what point in this green line? no note is placed in this section and you used different green line on the next note too, remove this
  4. Umm.. Did you just use the same green line with Rain? please fix that, some green lines are meaningless
  5. 00:32:188 (6,1) - the dash here is too strong try flipping slider or trigger distance
  6. 00:33:988 (5) - slidertick shouldn't sounds that big
  7. 00:36:988 (1) - 00:37:988 (3) - trigger distance here as well, Platter shouldn't use that strong hypers
  1. green liness plss fix themm
  2. 00:09:588 (1,2) - too sudden dash
  3. 00:16:188 (1) - a 1/1 repeat slider would be better with hitclap on 00:16:588
  4. 00:22:588 (5) - like above
  5. 00:30:588 (1) - like above too

As Electoz said, almost walkable. I'm not gonna point it up because I'm not very good at lower diffs
Hope this helps! :)
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Never give up lol.
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sxy62146214 wrote:

Never give up lol.
i do agree with electoz' mod. this map needs more mods.
giving up is the best solution.
i'm going to push my other maps instead.
this map is ugly

For rank again
00:24:188 (1,2) - just need a little curve is better
00:38:588 (2) - make two circles to emphasize the notes
00:22:388 - remove Hdash
00:28:788 (5,6,7) - increase some curve
00:10:988 (4) - end on 00:11:188 -
00:10:988 (9) - end on 00:11:188 -
00:21:388 (3,4) - and 00:22:188 (3,4) - move to right to keep 00:21:288 (2) - and 00:22:088 (2) - is Hdash
00:20:988 (1,2,3,4,1,2,3,4) - this part correspond with 00:35:388 (1,2,3,4,1,2,3,4) - so i feel they need Hdash
00:27:388 (6,7,1) - queer curve

Rain is excellent , i really like it!
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Thanks for the mod, guys!
Also, salad is not almost walkable anymore
Never give up, I must reach 1000 posts fighting SYAHME
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SYAHME wrote:

Never give up, I must reach 1000 posts fighting SYAHME
you can spam on my other threads as well
Divine Cake
Responding to NM

you have soft-slidertick2 but use no S:C2 in your map?

spacing is to high generally i would use 1.4 sv instead of 1.6. as it is now i constantly need to readjust my catcher with short tap dashes. too much to demand from beginning players.
EDIT: so as Electoz stated the entire diff is almost walkable. The problems lies in the almost, i would use 1.4 sv to make more of the map walkable but keep the distance for jumps or even buff them maybe (i'm not entirely sure as i don't quite remember from my mod anymore >.<)

  1. 00:03:188 (1,2) - would nerf distance. dont feel the change in music justifies a dash here. if you still want them to be dashes, buff them a bit since it is unclear if i need to dash or not.
  2. 00:06:388 (1,2) - ^
  3. 00:07:988 (1,2,3) - is the same as 00:06:388 (1,2) - but mapped diffrently. would use a slider between 00:08:188 (2,3) - atleast as you did on 00:06:388 (1,2) -
  4. 00:08:388 (3,4) - spacing bit high again.
  5. 00:09:588 (1,2) - think this should be first dash, but buff distance a bit so its clear its a dash. 2.6x imo
  6. 00:14:588 (5) - think having 5 a bit further away from 4 is fitting as 5 hits on a stronger sound.
  7. 00:20:988 (1,2) - would have these two go with the flow instead of against. its pretty hars to both have dash to them and demanding a new player to make a full stop after the dash.
  8. 00:25:788 (1,2) - spacing here is a bit awkward, easy to overshoot 2 when running towards 00:26:388 (3) - Would increase spacing between 1 and 2 a bit.
  9. 00:29:988 (2,3,4,1) - considering the dash to 00:30:588 (1) - i feel 00:29:988 (2,3,4) - is a bit harsh, would move 3 to x:224 for a more forgiving anti-flow tripple
  10. 00:37:788 (4,5) - preffer if you use 1.0x spacing between all 00:37:588 (3,4,5) - for more natural flow.
  1. feel start is overspaced again would have hypers like 00:03:388 (1,2) - just be dashes and the rest of the intro be walks. having hypers for these changes in music feels overemphasised.
  2. 00:06:588 (1,2) - ^
  3. 00:08:188 (5,6) - ^
  4. 00:09:188 (8,9) - feel first hyper should be here
  5. 00:06:588 (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10) - fruit stack getting a bit high, maybe add an NC on 00:08:188 (5) - or 00:08:388 (6) -
  6. 00:25:188 (4,5,6) - would not curve this tripple. can be a bit awkward to hit. would move 6 to x:312 instead
  7. 00:27:388 (1,2,3) - ctrl + g. fits rhythm much better.
  1. 00:06:588 (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8) - feels a bit hyperspammy. would remove hyper on 00:07:388 (3,4) - and 00:08:988 (7,8) -
  2. 00:08:188 (5,6) - add NC on one of these
  3. 00:38:588 (5) - this repeat slider didnt make that much sense to me. would preffer just a 1/2 slider

good rain, pretty solid. The diff spike from platter to rain may be a bit high tho (ppy plz fix ctb SR) maybe possible to nerf salad a bit and (maybe) buff platter a bit to fix that issue. (if you follow my suggestion on salad it should be nerfed a bit)

Sorry for the long time to respond, got bombarded with request when opening that queue >.< good luck on ranking
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I will remap salad... huhu
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