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Problem Details:
Im having problems eversince the latest update. Im having problems when starting and running osu!. Sometimes
it would open the updater, then close, then open the updater again,and repeats, even though i only clicked
osu once. When i DO get into osu, it would have terrible lag spikes and/orlag like crap when i move my mouse.
It's probably my hardware cuz i got pentium but i cant afford to upgrade or
get a new pc. Any tips or advice will help. Thnx for your time

osu! version: 20160403.6
The same thing happens to me but in taiko mode
i think i found the problem: my mouse. when i use my touch pad, it works fine. But mouse, problems mentioned above. I found the problem but idk how to fix it.
Will be the fault of the new osu update? Because with the previous version I did not pass this bug
yeah. the lagging problem just got here since the latest update.
i didnt have it before this update.
ps. im using a MadCatz Rat 5 mouse
i decided to give up on finding a solution to fix my mouse and got a new one.
if there's anyone who's still willing to help, i'll gladly appreciate it. Thanks
Did you ever restart your computer?

Sometimes this fixes all your problems with "post update issues"
did that like a billion times and nothing changed
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