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Hi donders,

Vulkin and me are currently working on a tutorial project for the taiko gamemode and uh...maybe I'm reaching states of storyboarding realms where this can result in something decent.
One thing we couldn't decide on was a song. We started with the original tutorial song by Peter Lambert but it is 1/3 and personally I felt like this would be bad for introducing drumrolls to the player. They are kind of fast (62ms between each possible hit if I operated the calculator correctly) and also not as intuitive as straight 4/4.
Vulkin preferred the original one for consistency but well...we figured we would ask you guys about this.
So...opinions please? Potentially also song suggestions?

i did this a while ago
Oh cool, that looks pretty good.
I wonder why it isn't more widespread though.
Got to review my plans then.
Muma how are you so ahead of EVERYTHING ;_;
Need some original music? I can definitely help make that with FL. Poke me anytime if you need that.
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