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Shiirn your maps are getting so much better aesthetically :ooo I really like this go u
Nao Tomori
7 naxess u cant fool me!!!
I turned on moddingv2 ( and did some modding there.

Looks good overall though. I think it's ready.

Ephemeral wrote:

I turned on moddingv2 ( and did some modding there.

Looks good overall though. I think it's ready.
Just for curiosity, since you got this mapset into moddingv2 does it necessarially means that qualification will be done there as well or regular forum heart is still functional?
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pretty sure either way works

ephemeral threw it on mv2 as a whim, not a test of the moddingv2 system, so this should be fine under v1

(Obviously, I have not actually updated the map yet. I'm waiting for a T2.)
what do I do then .-.

Mir, you baka, 01:31:512 - volumes // 01:52:157 - same

Since I am too lazy to go over the posts in the mv2, can you update please =w= (or is it breaking something if you do?)
fwiw i think this should be bpm halved
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fwiw this is the official bpm so BUGGER YOU :( also updated
gg to the legend shiirn :)
Enjoyed mun's hard, ty for mapping songs like this with full spreads so my fellow noobs and I can play them
oh well, at least we get to see more crowbars.

Net0 joining in on the circlejerk :Ok_hand:
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"fuck shiirn for making weird-looking sliders that are actually weird and aren't just flailing randomly with slider nodes like My Angel Monstrata" - irre, prolly
Coming in hot with another shitpost

Mir wrote:

what if you're aiming for fc and you miss when the song gets good?
:Ok_hand: :Ok_hand: :Ok_hand: :Ok_hand: :Ok_hand: :Ok_hand: :Ok_hand: :Ok_hand: :Ok_hand: :Ok_hand:
I was just wondering whether you need to map the beginning as well, or at least cut it.

At its current state, the map starts at 36.4% and ends at 90.9%, meaning that you are missing out on 45.6% of the song (not accounting for breaks). In other words: You only mapped 54.4%, which is below the 80% rule. I know, you don't have to account for the intro if you leave less than 20% of the outro, but isn't this example kind of stretching it?

First of all, you do have the option to have the mp3 cut, but you used storyboard elements in the beginning instead. Now, if these elements were especially emphatic, I wouldn't mind that at all, but all I see is a fade-in, which you could have also done at your last unmapped/unstoryboarded bookmark of the intro. You could've used a water surface ripple and the fade-in over here and would've been able to cut the beginning.
Secondly, you had the option to map the intro via sliderart and a couple of 1/1 circles. If you asked me, I think that'd be a great addition to your map, since it would contrast your Kiai just as well as or even better than using nothing in the beginning. Feels like you missed out on an opportunity there.

Obviously, you could just go with what you have, apply the 20% outro rule thing and you'd be good to go. But for me, this is a little underwhelming.

I really like the kiai atmosphere though!

Edit: Guess this was already deliberated on, but I felt like throwing in my 2c as well, because I feel like you have better options that still maintain that important contrast.
So no one is going to mention that the SB load goes beyond 11,00x during the kiai when the SB is actually pretty basic?

nostar.png is above 5MB and bgbaw.png 1,75MB. Why are those even .png files since there is no transparency? You could significantly reduce their filesize by converting them to .jpg

The gap between Normal and Hard is a bit too huge in my opinion. It's obvious just by looking at the object density of both difficulties:

  1. 01:42:883 (9,1) - Pretty weird spacing.

  1. 01:33:528 (3,4,1,2,3) - Highly inappropriate for a Hard difficulty. Patterns should be easily sightreadable and overlaps like these are to be avoided.
  2. 01:35:625 (2,3,4,5,1,2,3) - ^
  3. 01:38:205 (2,3,4,1) - ^
  4. 01:45:947 (2,5) - ^
  5. 01:51:431 (3,4,5,1) - ^
  6. 02:30:947 (1,2,3) - ^
  7. 02:34:979 (2,1,3) - ^
  8. 02:38:689 (1,3) - ^
  9. 02:39:979 (1,2,1,2) - ^
  10. 02:41:270 (1,2,1,2) - ^
  11. etc

I've got no time for a full mod atm, but if it ever gets DQ'd, I'll do a proper one. I believe it should at least for the SB load and those huge files.

After checking the mentioned issues, I'll take it down mainly for the SB concerns as well as the concerns on the hard difficulty.
please try your best to optimize it as the following:

Well, I do see that leaving so much of the mp3 blank is unfortunate but after Okorin's confirmation, it does suit the new rules

- line.png can certainly be optimized by having single lines which appear throughout the sb instead of just having one big picture which booms the sbload like that. Changing this, it also makes you able to customize the lines better (as now it really has barely an effect imo).
- Kurai suggested .png -> .jpg for pictures which don't have transparency, which is true and lowers the filesize

I've checked the concerns about this difficulty and I do agree that this is not suitable like in it's current state. The amount of stacks and overlaps is not appropriate for this difficulty and should thus be toned down.

01:41:270 - Also make sure to check this rhythm, as it seems off to what the song actually offers

I have some additional concerns which I'll post later, as I'm heading offline soon

If you have questions, approach me ingame.
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Alright, renaming Hard to Light Insane, should work fine. Due to how the music itself is structured you're not going to very easily go from a Normal-ish to a Hard-ish difficulty due to the fact that the simple overarching melody the Easy and Normal use is 2/1 and 1/1, while every other melody in the track is 1/2 - you're going to almost double the object density unless you're arbitrarily consistent about which of the 1/2 spam tones you ignore - in other words, making up your own "in-between" melody which is its own kettle of ugly fish.

Will contact jako for SB concerns.

I'm fully aware that the mp3 as it sits is perfectly rankable. Deal with it =P

All ya'll "can't read overlaps" weaksauce players are really hampering my style; just because some of you guys can't read patterns to save your life and are used to pattern-based whack-a-mole doesn't mean it isn't perfectly functional for the rest of the players; they just don't speak up and bitch about it (because they're having fun FCing).
Since it was dq.
03:07:721 (4,5,6) - Can You please NotLikeThis?
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