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ill try to do something tomorrow

i remapped first 34 seconds, i probably didnt touch the rhythm, tho
00:45:122 (2) - this one shud be starting on 1/6 00:42:494 (1) - here
also not sure if u can use these combo colors, they are too dark, especially the blue and red ones.

poke me if u are ok with what i did and ill do the rest

uh also remove the second background in the song folder
Some sliders were 1/6 but I had to apply 1/2 for the whole intro since it'd not be consistent!

Just violins I guess ;_;
ayy done within 4 days!

let's hs
01:12:494 (9) should start a new combo
01:21:778 (9) should start a new combo
04:10:786 - 04:29:979 there are certainly places here that could have their combos fixed up a bit.

This was really the only glaring issue I saw with this map. As far as actual gameplay of the map goes it seems completely fine.
The shorter sliders are tastefully done and everything fit the beat perfectly.
very great map and great song, dnb mapper king. i do not know if you are ranking this but i hope you do.


BG larger than 1366 x 768 (change if you are ranking this)

01:12:494 (9) - NC
01:21:778 (9) - NC, then 01:22:121 (2) - remove NC.
02:03:408 (1,2,3) - I think its better to map the more important sound
02:08:894 (1) - I think should be a circle and a slider stacked below it, because theres not really a "repeat" sound (if that makes sense).
02:15:579 (6) - NC then 02:15:922 (2) - remove NC
02:18:151 (1) - 1/4 or 1/2 slider to emphasize abrupt silence
02:28:951 (6) - Can move to maybe emphasize 02:29:294 (1)
02:33:408 (1) - Remove NC then 02:33:579 (8) - NC
02:46:951 (5) - Maybe red anchor ? then move red anchor down. this is super personal preference though
02:47:294 (1,2,3,4,5,6,7) - Change to circles, no slider. Previously you use slider to emphasize drum sound but for this case, it is not the same like 02:31:179 (3,4,5,6) or 02:42:151 (1,2,3,4,5) or 02:53:465 (4,5,6)
02:48:494 (1) - NC
02:51:237 (8) - NC
I know the 8 NC in your jump pattern seems to be a concept but it still seems weird that it is not NC. but its ok
02:58:437 (2) - Change to two circles, it seems weird the previous sliders were for wub sounds but this isn't, and also this is the only occasion where it is a slider. In other parts where the song sounds like this, the pattern is all circles or last two circles are replaced by 1 slider
03:17:808 (1,2,3) - Move little to left
03:31:179 (1,2,3,4,5,6) - Make into circles, but still seems fine
03:33:751 (6) - 1/4 slider
03:41:465 (4) - red anchor point plz? because 03:43:351 (1) - is a very different sound
03:41:979 (6) - Just make into a 1/2 slider and remove next note to emphasize wub
03:44:722 (6) - Same here; wub
03:46:951 (5) - 1/4 slider for distortion sound
04:30:151 (2) - change to note, move slider to 04:30:322
04:30:665 (4) - change to note, move slider to 04:30:837 and remove repeat
04:32:208 (5) - change to note, move slider to 04:32:379 and remove repeat. so you can still emphasize drum + the other loud instrument
04:46:094 (8) - remove nc, nc next note
04:53:122 (6) - huh. previous note should be slider and this slider should be a note at 04:53:294
04:53:465 (7,8,1) - no sound, or very faint sound that seems too quiet for a triple. sound is on 04:53:722 on blue tick. you could make it a 1/8 slider that starts on blue tick, or keep slider where it is.
04:54:322 (6) - make into two sliders (like the ones before)
05:26:208 - remember to make quiet

wow, very good!!
Damn, thought of mapping this myself but as seeing that there's a map from you then I better enjoy your work here. Really nice map, good job!
These bpm changes tho, didn't expect them since that's only a vocal tho.

Btw, gonna add the video? It's damn awesome imo.
I'll maybe consider that (I need to know how tho haha \:D/)

Thanks for the support!
Turn it on please.

Because in this map you have SB
ill comment on every muzzy map oK?
As requested, here's the updated SB with added simple lyrics and credits.
I'll add both old and new SB download links just in case

  1. Download the old .osb and files here
  2. Download the updated .osb and files here
  3. Download the seperate update with only text here

I couldn't upload with puush cause it's unresponsive for some reason...Fixed

If you've got any requests/issues/anything (including if you'd prefer a different font), feel free to contact me in-game or through forum pm~
(Hopefully I didn't butcher anything)

EDIT: Pipey bugged me to add my name in there <w< So here's another update
  1. Older files
  2. Updated files

hitsounds left and let's fkin gooo
redownload anything and start checking
mappu done
sb done
hitsounds done



dis suks dique
Hey. You asked me to take a look at this. Don't kudosu this because this isn't really a mod, just saying that besides some minor stuff like this blanket 02:23:465 (6,1) – or this outline 00:41:294 (2,1) – that could be more polished, the map is good to go.

I could say that you're facing Jenny's paradox. That is, I think you can improve the quality of the map by making it unrankable by deleting everything before 01:04:437 (1) - . I expect most players to play this map for the intense drum and bass section, so making them sit through a tedious slow section every single time they want to play feels like a bad experience for them. Perhaps a less severe cut could work by deleting everything before 00:42:494 (1) – and you'd still have 5 min drain time, but I don't expect this suggestion to have any weight since it's rankable as is.

Anyway, good luck!
The slow part plays completely fine for me, no need to remove it at all since that's what makes this song so unique.

Are you in a need of a mod? I can maybe help a bit.
My 420 goes here haha.
To be honest , it's the main reason I'm mapping many Muzzy songs!

Let me just explain something I wanted to explain to y'all :D :

Mapping in general isn't just a technical art about makin kewl patterns and spicy jumps! It's mainly about sharing "feelings" in my opinion.
If you're less devoted to receive feelings from someone else , lemme just write it that way aha
Mapping = Reflecting a song's atmosphere though the use of circles,sliders,spinners,hitsounds and eventaully storyboards

What I LOVE about every Muzzy songs I have mapped is that you have :
• A Calm Part which introduce you to the sweet/dark atmosphere
• You have sweet elements between intro and during the build that increase the intensity
• Epic drop(s) and Drum And Bass elements of course
• Outros that blow your minds (away)

So yeah , both Muzzy songs and mapping is an art and I'll keep tryin to share the intensity and the power a song can transmit to others :)

Have a good day guys :)

(tl;dr i'll keep the calm parts cuz it's cool
also xayler , be my guest! i'd be glad haha (: I should try rankin this for the awesome support I got on it!)
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