Seto's BN Queue with an unecessary really long banana name

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have a try><
Mak Kau Hijau

Seto Kousuke wrote:

Mak Kau Hijau wrote:
Marathon map. Thanks

Seto Kousuke wrote:

You're only allowed to post your map here if your mapset have an even number of difficulties(2-4-6-8-68...etc). Marathon maps are only allowed if you still follow the previous rule.
btw mashasg, taiko diffs also count, you failed~ ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Can i post again for my other map or wait for the next round?
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Seto Kousuke

Mak Kau Hijau wrote:

Can i post again for my other map or wait for the next round?
too late fjpfjsfpdaf

MashaSG wrote:

still i got 2 other maps with even numbers of diffs tho you won't pick it bcs you never pick my maps thanks
I pick songs that interest me ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I think I should actually write an usefull first post stating what has higher chance of being picked and what not...mhmm

i'll take a look at maps later~

see you guys next week \o/
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Seto Kousuke

M4M Round

As usual, the M4M Round does not count for my weekly openings, so here we go boyz~

The map of the round is :

I'll leave it open for a while and close later to choose a few
andrea and bakai map :thinking:

Sakurauchi Riko
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Seto Kousuke

okay, I don't need to leave it open anymore, I already choose... ._.'' is this speedrun queue meta?

i'll send pms later~
What a fast ㅡ_ㅡ
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Seto Kousuke
not my fault, the damn dudes threw some really awesome maps right into my face :blobsweat: if I left this open I would choose like...43241324 maps to m4m with :omegablobsweat:

Seto Kousuke wrote:

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Seto Kousuke
holy shit i'm open

M4M for these : winnie - this storyends or Yuyoyuppe - -ELIS-

and this time is gonna be a bit different~ You'll either get a mod from my mentee and then a mod from me...or a mod from a friend of mine and then from me aswell. Which means that they are going to choose what maps we'll be checking, not me. So good luck! and yes, all of the accepted requests will be treated by me as a possible bn check, so I may or may not decide to nominate those maps :3c

link ur map and say what map you'll be modding
ill mod the yuyoyuppe one if u accept (unless youd rather me do the other)
Atsuro hey, ill mod thistoryends

I'll mod winnie - this storyends
i can mod either map

and seriously can i be a mentee

I‘d like to mod this storyends if accepted;

Much obliged!
ill mod this storyends but I can also mod the other if u prefer
only modding winnie - this storyends if accepted.
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