DonKat Taiko 2v2 Tournament

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also if you need a teammate, there is a channel where you can ask for someone to join in


  1. gest_shi (remtiw & thomas1195) for achieving #1 place!
  2. Rice Cake Team (sing216 & misaki_tk) for achieving #2 place!
  3. Wean Team (pmriva & Pochacco) for achieving #3 place!

Welcome to this tourney, it's a Taiko 2v2 teams tournament based on team job. Every teams are fighting for the first place that will be really hard to get! So let's prepare yourselves and do your best! It's an International tournament so everyone can join in! Just read the rules (scroll down!) carefully!
This tourney will use score v1 system and will take place the week after TWC (for obvious reasons).
There will be a maximum of 48 teams, if we have just reached 32 teams until sign-ups close day, then we are starting with 32 teams. In the case there are 48 teams then it will be a first-group stage: It means groups by 3 teams -> 2 advances then we are going to start with the double-elimination

  1. 04/02: Sign ups open
  2. 04/05: Sign ups closed
  3. 04/05: Mappool released
  4. 04/06: Groups ready
  5. 04/06: Schedules ready
  6. 04/22: Group stage matches starts.
  7. 04/29: RO-32
  8. 05/06: RO-16
  9. 05/13: Quarter-finals
  10. 05/20: Semi-finals
  11. 05/27: Finals
  12. 06/03: Grand-Finals

  1. This tournament is for every countries!
  2. This will be a Group & Bracket mode tournament.
  3. 2 teams per group advances to RO-32
  4. There will be Loser bracket and Winner Bracket, so if you lose is not all lost!

  1. Every players will be asked for their move.
  2. The referee can wait a maximum of 10 minutes for a player. If the player doesn't come, the referee will ask the other team for a 1v2 start.
  3. Captains will pick 1 warm up per team. (if they don't want to warm, then it's not being played).
  4. First !roll decide the order of the warm (Higher roll first) and it can't be more than 3:30 length.
  5. Highest second !roll decides if they want to ban or pick first (1 ban per team).
  6. Captains will pick one by one their maps.
  7. Every players MUST have the mappool, the referee can start without players if they don't have the pool (referee criteria).
  8. If a player get disconnected for some reason in the first 10 seconds of the song, the referee will abort the game and restart it.
  9. If it happens after 10 seconds, the score before the disconnect will be counted.
  10. Referee can penalize teams if some player have a bad-behaviour in the game room.
  11. Once the match have finished, the room will be completely closed.
  12. If a player fails in a song then his score is not counting. If everyplayer fails then the referee is going to make a sum of their scores then comparing.
  13. IMPORTANT: If there is any tie on group stage, then it's not going to count and skipping the pick (not point for anyone). If there is a tie on the tiebreak then teams are going to repeat it with freemod conditions.
  14. IMPORTANT: Free mod maps NEED to use at LEAST 1 mod per team (only HD, HR or FL allowed)

  1. Mode: Team VS (2v2)
  2. Win Condition: Score
  3. Scorev1
  4. Slots 1-2 Blue team. Slot 3-4 Red team.
  5. Every players will be Locked in their slots.
  6. First Group Stage: BO5
  7. RO-32: BO7
  8. RO-16: BO7
  9. Quarter-Finals: BO9
  10. Semi-Finals: BO11
  11. Finals: BO11
  12. Grand Finals: BO13
  13. IMPORTANT!: There can't be teams with two players with more than 8000 pp! (It's focused on balanced teams).
The order will be:
Most matches won.
Have higher {(the number of maps won) - (the number of maps defeated)}.
Most maps won.
Have higher ∑{(total score difference) / (maximum score)}.
Winner of the rematch.
1 month supporter for each player of the winner team
Profile badge for winning team:
Banner for first, second and third place team!

Organization and Mappool Selectors: xfraczynho , Friggy-chan , Nishizumi , katacheh , Backfire
Referees: xfraczynho , Friggy-chan , Nishizumi , katacheh , Backfire , Charlotte , tkdLolly Jason X DiggyDogg, seanhappy8520 , Eiuh
Designer: Elisabeth- , Crissaegrim
Streamers and casters: Backfire FlamingRok , Friggy-chan , Dargin , Raiden , Catgirl , Mekelemembe . , Eiuh , xfraczynho
Helpers: Backfire , Elisabeth-
I can help o/

and may I know Designer for what
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tkdLolly wrote:

I can help o/

and may I know Designer for what
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