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MMC #1 Results
MMC #2 Announcement

Hello, everyone! At long last, the results have come! MMC #2 managed to pull in an astounding total of 56 final entries, and I could not be more proud of this contest's growth.
Much thanks to:
  1. My organizers: Chaos, Xenans
  2. The judges: Wafu, -kevincela-, Electoz, Shiirn
  3. Chaos (again) for providing all the supporter tags (again)
  4. Everyone who participated in the contest, in one way or another

I couldn't have done it without you!


This time around we have quite a plot twist for our champions - we have a tie! Please welcome MMC #2's champions, Monstrata and Karen! Both of them came to a total of 138 points (average 34.50). Both champions will receive the 1st place prize of 6 months supporter and the super-cool profile badge. Congratulations, Memestrata Monstrata and Karen!

Just barely coming into 2nd: thzz! With a total of 137 points (average 34.25), only 1 point less than the champions, thzz will receive 4 months of supporter. Good job, thzz!

And if you thought the plot twists were over, you were wrong, because we have a 4-way tie for 3rd place! Introducing our 3rd place winners: Kibbleru, BOUYAAA, Zetera, and Gero! All of them came in with a total of 132 points (average 33.00). Because of the tie in 1st place, we won't be giving supporter tags to 3rd place, but well done nonetheless!

Here is the mapset link for the winners:

In case anyone wants a refresher (or if any newcomers haven't seen it), this was the criteria that all contestants were scored upon: MMC Judging Criteria.

Full Judging Results

As most of you are aware, judges A, B, C, D, and E had to drop out of judging last minute. You will only see letters F, G, H, and I.

All of the following are sorted by each entry's map ID. These are listed alongside the contestant in the complete .osz below, as well as in the list of rankings and the full judging sheet. Note that both the entry numbers and judge letters were randomized prior to judging (and do not reflect the order in which the entries were submitted).

Here you can download the complete .osz with every entry: Dropbox // Google.

Here you can find the full standings, with total scores, averages, maximums and minimums, and standard deviations: Google

Here you can find the point values and statistics for each individual criterion for all entries: HTM

Here you can find the individual scores and comments for each entry, by each judge: Google
The first sheet contains all data. Each contestant also has their own sheet (navigable on the bottom) with their own data only.

If you have any feedback regarding the contest, please do tell me, whether in this thread or in a PM - I'd love to hear it.
Once more, thank you to everyone who participated, and I hope you'll be back next time!
wow i didnt win

Congrats to Monstrata and Karen! Well deserved :)

Great job to thzz as well, along with Kibbleru, BOUYAAA, Zetera and Gero for the tie! What a crazy realization this was.

Thank you as well to everyone else who participated. Again, apologies for the delay in getting the results together.

(All supporter tags have been distributed <3)
grats everyone
Third?! Holy cow
congraz to the winners
this tells me im suck at mapping

only third ;w;

ohhhh thank you!! :)
Congratulations to everyone!
i thought it was april fool
Thanks everyone!
i cant believe im around top 20 lol (that means im still suck at making technical maps xd)

Congratulations to Everyone! i knew Monstra would win <3
Congratulations to the winners and everyone in general! :)
gratz, will the memes die? ;-;
gz to winners :D
score deviation of 10, fuck yeah
Ameth Rianno
Congratulations for the champions \o/
Rohit's and Ameth Rianno's deserves to receive higher recognition. shit's :fire:
my angel ameth
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