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Also since when was AR 9.2 high xd. I hope you aren't considering this with DT because imo these AR's are perfect for nomod...

Yuii- wrote:

This is the same issue that happened to ALIEN where it was too hard to balance it due to how the map as a whole was built around. It's either you have to set it up too high in order to make the hardest sections more comfortable or you just set up something in between to find a balance with both sections. Unfortunately you cannot have variable ARs, so I think the current one works just fine.
I don't think you can really compare it to ALIEN where it's just dumb to use anything else than AR10 considering how crazy the map is and that the players actually able to play it can play slow stuff on AR10 without any problem (just as if they were playing HR pretty much).

Yuii- wrote:

I slightly agree with the AR on Haruto's difficulty, although it's not that much of a deal unless you are trying it to DT it.
fk he knows

Edit: welp that answers your question I guess Monstrata, of course I'm considering DT lol, it's fun as hell but the AR gives me aids it's just way too high for no reason :/ Even AR9.6 would fit better on that kind of spacing man...
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Wait, now I'm confused lol. Do you mean the AR is too high? or too low? cuz you just said 9.6 lol.
Meant 9.6 with DT on (so ar8 nomod). Obiously AR8 is way too low for this on nomod, but I still think that AR9.2 is too much when everything is stacked like that.

Yuii- wrote:

Shad0w1and wrote:

Modern mapping cares way too much about the ds and spacing. That is not how mapping works and they does not help playing experience.
Yes the first step to mapping is to understand the spacing reflecting to the intensity. But it is not the only thing you look at a map.
Wait, wait, wait. Wait a second. You first said "spacing and ds are overrated nowadays," then "mapping doesn't work like that," and finally "you need to understand how spacing reflects the song in order to start mapping".

I am truly speechless, sir. Amazed.
You could get amazed. everyone know how DS work, but mapping is not only about DS. that is my point. I think I explained that clearly :/
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I really just have to disagree. The AR is necessary on nomod imo. Lowering the AR just clutters everything up. As well, the stacks don't even play a huge part in the map. There are also sliders, which account for the vast majority anyways. Your argument is basically "AR is too high for DT" which is already an argument that shouldn't be entertained because lowering it results in negative effects for nomod, the mod that we should be considering. I'm only discussing it further to try and help you see my perspective, but I think we've said all that needs to be said. There will be no change to the AR.
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I can't understand why people pointed out those subjective opinions wanting a objective response. Thing are good for playing, that's all. And actually the AR really doesn't matter a map and almost every AR setting can get a reasonable explanation.
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