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hi owo ><

Request type (NM/M4M) : NM
Artist/title: ClariS - Border
Length: 1:26
Difficulty to mod: all diffs if possible XD
Link to map: https://osu.ppy.sh/s/609334

Thank you very much owo ><
ay moku o//
Mode : Mania
Title and artist : nano - Rock on.
Difficulties : 4 *1,38-*3,93
Map duration : 1:33
Special request : none h3h3h3
Flat is justice :3333)//
Thanks >o<)///
Topic Starter
Woops sorry dude i did not notice the M4M request, just added you to the queue

@-[Hotaru]-, @Eunwoo
You 2 are also in the queue, check the first post for an approximate modding date ~

Mode: STD
Title and artist: Kensuke Ushio - (i can) say nothing https://osu.ppy.sh/s/532388
Difficulties: Any diffs. There's 4 so you can choose whatever you want :^)
Map duration: 2:15

Thank you!

Flat is Justice.
Mode : O!Mania
Key : 4K and 6K but you only mod 4K right? owo
Artist - Title : Penoreri - Sailing Force
Genre : Artcore
Length : 1:52
Link : https://osu.ppy.sh/s/587211
Special note : I'm lazy to HS, so there is no HS yet
hope you will take on this request, thanks in advance owo
Mode: osu!mania
Link: https://osu.ppy.sh/s/594479
Artist/Title: Kayzo - Kill It (Getty Edit)
Genre: UK Hardcore / Pumpcore
Difficulties: E-N-H-I, 1.3*-4.27*
Map duration: 2:04 (2:03 drain time)
Special request: Need some heavy mod on Another diff (it's suck pattern-wise, I know)

Flat is justice!

Mode STD
Title and artist Akino with bless4 - cross the line
Difficulties B-S-E-N-A-H-H,.79-3.71*
Map duration: 1:27
Special request: Beginner-Harder, take notice to flow and playability
Mode: osu! & osu!mania (yeah its a hybrid)
Link: https://osu.ppy.sh/s/602861
Artist/Title: ClariS/Hitorigoto TV mix
Difficulties: The best is to mod both mode. U dont need to mod all just choose the diffs u like
Map duration: 1:28
NM plz Thanks in advance :P
Hello dude another request here

Title and artist: supercell - kokuhaku
Difficulties: 1 diff
Map duration: 5:16
Special request -

plot plot plot
I guess this queue if open, if not, just ignore me

Mode: Mania
Title and artist: Helblinde - Heaven's Fall
Difficulties: 6 diffs (Easy is 1.26* and Justice be Done is 4.68*)
Map duration: 4:08 minutes

If I have to choose between Plot and a Cardboard, I'll go with Plot :v
Lone Pixel
Heyy, I have a small NM request, in case you like fast Kirby soundtracks.
Hirokazu Ando & Jun Ishikawa - Dangerous Dinner
It has 3 difficulties and it's 1:02 long.
Mode: Mania
Title and artist: Sarutobi Champion is Sessha - Project B-
Difficulties: Normal
Map duration: 1:41
Special request: pattern or hitsound plz
NM Req NM Req o/

Mode (STD/Mania)
Title:Roromiya Karuta (Hanazawa Kana) - sweets parade
Difficulties : 5 diff
Map duration : 0:36

NM req owo/

mode : mania
link : https://osu.ppy.sh/s/614464

Thanks in advanced !
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Sorry once again this week i modded less map that i intended too due to some irl stuff. Also i re-adjusted the schedule on the first post to a more realistic one since most of the next maps to mod have 4+ difficulties

@Curiossity, @AJIekceu, @Syadow-
You are in the modding queue~
Hey, NM pls.

ECHO - Reol https://osu.ppy.sh/s/608215
4 difficulties + a GD (SR: 1.47 ~ 3.94)
3:46min. drain
If you don't have enough time, then only the insane difficulty and Kizu's Echo will do.

You have my thanks!
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