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This map has been deleted on the request of its creator. It is no longer available.
01:13:889 Try changing the slider to a normal circle. The slider does not fit to the music as it is right now i think.

01:39:472 try inserting another circle here at the red line. All other parts of the music follow the same pattern and it gets boring when everything is the same for toolong.

02:15:085 this does not fit to the music i think. No idea what you can replace it with. But it sounds and feels streange.

02:48:490 This is just strange. Try changing it to anything else.
You could try this if you want to but it will take some time to map it,from 02:48:214 try making sliders that move with the voice in a instesting and fun way. untill the spinner comes. Or make up something else that you think fits better. But as it is now it's just strange. And it would be nice with a more intresting end to the song!

That's all for now. I hope you inprove the map. I want to play it later! It's fun on guitar and i want it to be fun on osu!
Thanks for trying to bring some nice music to the game! <3

00:17:938 is not a problem. I just think it's cool i heard the song like a millions times but you mapping the low volume volcas made me able to notice it for the first time. haha. That's really nice mapping! :D Thanks!

00:35:750 try mapping it to the guitar on another difficulty or on this one. I just think it would flow better that way seince thet's the strongest sounds in the song at this part and mapping those sounds can bring out more light to the song! :)

Also try changing the AR just a tiny bit 6.5 or 7. There's allot of circles on the screen at some parts and it does not look or match the song. Try it out! :)

Edit edit. Ar 7=not that nice for the song. But 6.5 should be good. 6 is just too slow for this song i think.
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