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I'm just wondering, and, Have been for ages but have never found such a place..

I really want to know, Is their a place in which, Rubbish beatmappers , lazy or other kind of beatmapper
are able to go and post which song they'd really like done (maybe be a part of) so they can get the songs they wish to have?\

Presuming the song is good (or just that someone likes it) so we can achieve our songs and a happier foundation.

Y'know?? Cos, Iv'e had loads I wanted beatmapped, but, I can't do it.


Help and/or support this
and move to appropriate forum place.

Ciao ^.^
We used to have a thread like that, but no one actually mapped what was requested on it. :/
Has been requested a few times before

Many people ask for songs to be mapped and it always ends up the same way

Basically the only way to see the songs you want mapped in osu! is to experiment by yourself and see what you can do. Request threads will just be ignored by the community too much to make them worthwhile. If you need any help with mapping people in chat will be happy to answer any questions you have.
It is not that I am super crap at beatmapping, Id'e say I was alright compared to some.
and im fairly partial to doing it myself, and have done so loads..

I just give up far too easily, or, feel like doing something else but never go back to it cos that ' flair'
is then gone.

But, Alas, I guess the No.1 thing I truly wanted cannot be done. Cannot be done.

Nevermind, I shall just have to not be lazy :P

Hydragoon wrote:

Nevermind, I shall just have to not be lazy :P
Pretty much
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