Philippines Summer osu! Community Tournament [MODS NEEDED]

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Why hello there! My name is Ralph, aka snappyguy, and I am hosting a Community Tournament this Summer! :D

[1] The tournament is open to any PH osu!standard player.
[2] The tournament shall be held in the first week of May on Saturday (might change) at 10am Philippine Standard Time.
[3] The tournament shall be a 2v2 in teams. Please take note: For those who want to sign up alone, you will be also paired up with a player who also signed to be alone.
[4] If one of the team's players do not show up after 10 minutes within the time/ schedule that has been given to them, the team is automatically disqualified for the rest of the tournament.
[5] If one of the team's players Disconnects or has their game crashed, they have 3 to 5 minutes to get back in the game. Otherwise, the team shall be disqualified.
[6] There will be a 16 bracket match with 2 players and the max of 32 players.
[7] The teams gets to choose one warm-up map each, then the game will start.
[8] The round of 16 is the best of 3, while the Quarterfinals is the best of 5 and then the Semi- finals and the Finals will be the best of 7.
[9] The maps on rounds of 16 until the finals are mostly NoMod and there will be only mod if there is some issue.
[10] Make sure that your team can do 3* maps and above, else don't join the tournament.
[11] The teams will do !roll and the team with the higher number of points can ban 2 maps of their choice, and they will also get the first pick of the match.
[12]Maps cannot be repeated during the round.
[13] The loser of !roll will pick a warmup first, then the winners will pick their warm-up. *any map
[14] The warmup maps must be less than 3 minutes, ranked or unranked. The warmup map will be freemod to everyone.
Registrations are open at April 2 and the end of the registration is at April 28.

Round of 16: TBA
Quarterfinals: TBA
Semi-finals: TBA
Finals: TBA
1st Place Team - Custom Badge (supporter tag pending?)
2nd Place Team - P100 load each teammate ~ Globe only :D
3rd Place Team -
Make A Team name for your group then Put it on the comment Section of the Thread.

DreamKun - MichaelvsGaming & JayZ
Group B - [Vik] & Cloudblaze
Group C - Darkblue27& [Pakun]
Pedos in Speedos - DnCrMn & Hecs
Girls101 - dayblue4 & Iamhello
Group F - Joeyekid & Nezol
Group G - Hibiya- chan & Xidorn
Group H - Marika & Konawiki
Group I - [ - Yousoro - ] & Rouel
Group J - - Neon - & Pawdesuki
Group K - Kyozoru & Kuronuma-chan
Group L - KIshidle & theosukid
Group M - ggnakacarlz & Slashening
JakJakUnite - _xyliak & Son_Goku442
Group O - OsuStarDragon & 1Excalibur
Manong Juan's Fanclub - Tynysir & chi-chi
To sign up for Mod on the Tourney, please join the Discord and PM me. * Also used for the tournament*
Mods for Tourney - A referee will tell the players the basics of the tourney and they will enforce the rules that is on the list above.
A Game Mod are the ones who manage the game and basically picks maps each round.
The Map Selectors are basically out of the game, basically just helps me pick the maps, and you will be given a shoutout.
A discord Admin helps arrange the calls of each group each game.
The Schedule Commitee schedules the times & dates of the tourney.

Current Mods:

Shoutout to these guys
(Mappool Selectors)

Game Mod

Deadpulse -
Shiro-neechan -

Schedule Commitee

Basically Everything lmao
[ - Mizki - ]

Gay Faggot

Discord Admin
Round of 16: (please make sure you have downloaded the maps, else if you don't and download it while the match is starting, the Mod will force start the game.

The mappools are linked in #Mappools[
mfw want to join but
born in canada, filipino blood
12 hours behind philippines kms
Ayyy takte tagal ko na hinihintay to huehuehue :3
Good luck sa tournament! :)
[centre][Everybody Here Join The Discord Channel!/centre]
Hihintayin ko ito! Hyped! :)
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BTW, if some of you guys have like Filipino blood or somewhat related to the Philippines, pm me. And I am going to move the date for the tourney because its hard to find mods lol.
Pwede ba sumali ang mga bhoscxz kong tropa?
What is the Prize for the Winner?
ano prize kua
Player Name:MichealvsGaming
Applying for Mod >:)
Try ko invite yung STD friends ko XD
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Sa mga nagtatanong ng prize, wala po, this is just for fun. Kung mahanap ako na sponsor sa Prize
meron. ;)
I might not be up for it since I did'nt played Osu! for 3 weeks plus I'm playing LoL this summer.
FluXimity might win this one

OptimalVer wrote:

I might not be up for it since I did'nt played Osu! for 3 weeks plus I'm playing LoL this summer.
FluXimity might win this one
First of all, why me? And second, defining on the tournament, what exactly are the types of Mods needed for the tournament (i.e. Streamer, Referees, and etc) ?
May rank range ba? rly wanna join for the heck of it xD
can i join? c:

Player Name:[Vik]
PP:3,578pp (as of 4/1)
Alone/Teammate: CloudBlaze
Team Name: Batak][Eksdee
I've never joined a tournament before.....Well, here goes nothing.

Player Name: theosukid
PP: 2,000 (as of March 1)
Rank: 82,251 (as of March 1, again...)
Alone/Teammate: Alone ;(
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Wala pong streamer, hehe PLDT is bs here. This tourney is just for fun.

Hibiya-chan wrote:

May rank range ba? rly wanna join for the heck of it xD
Rank range is from 300k and above. Recommended people are people who can pass 3 stars and above. :)
Player Name: DnCrMn
PP: 5,370
Rank: 5,826
Alone/Teammate: Hecs

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