Which finger do you use?

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What do you use?

Index Finger
Middle Finger
Fist, etc.
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I have about 1500 pp and I've used my middle finger as my main and both for streams, starting off with my middle. I can single tap about 180 - 190 bpm with my middle...
Yuno Nikusu
middle, mouse only the superior play style
I use all my fingers. I also play tablet only lol.
I Give Up
I tap with my opposing pinky.

I play tablet only, so... all the fingers? Wut
i tend to switch my fingers when single tapping (if i have to do a lot of doubles i normally go index x2 / middle x2 and so)

...or if the map's a bit faster than usual (+200bpm) my brain automatically gets my middle finger to do the single tapping (but i'm un able to nail triples/streams)

hahahaha 'orz
I use my middle finger, but it hurts my hand like I'm gonna get the RSI stuff if I do fast BPMs for a long time. From what I observe top players mostly use K2 (index?) as main (cookiezi angelsim). Could it be to avoid the RSI stuff? or we just need to get used to this stuff? Non-mechanical keys here.
*RSI = repetitive strain injury

A lot has changed since this post was made. I changed my keyboard, and after just a month! your hand can get used to osu. Well the pain was feelin real tho, maybe you should stop and try playing again tommorow when it happens. Now I don't experience pain after long streams etc. my stream is slow though
People who fear rai amuse me
My main finger is index because is more accurate but when i play slow songs i play with middle finger because it consumes less stamina.
I use my finger of death to reply to a persistently necroposted 5-year old thread
i only use my middlefinger and pointing finger, and i keep a rope close by in case i choke some hard map.
Let this die

Shiirn wrote:

I smash the keyboard with my face for 220bpm 1/4 streams
Jesus Christ were just the same
I use Ring on Z and Middle on X, It seems to be working so far but i don't know how viable it is long term and on stars higher than 4 which is what I'm at now.
semi-alternate with middle and index (zxzxzx) + middle for slow, hard to acc sections (dominant finger) or index for high bpm jumps (faster finger but less accurate), ring+dex for lowbpm streams (<180) or stamina support [if I end up being tired (on my middle finger where I shift the most weight) streaming].
I can switch between ring and middle while streaming so it's no problem
//complicated explanation
Index (s) main singletapping and then middle finger (a). I can singeltap only until 174 bpm, any more than that I am forced to alternate
how the fuck do you guys dig up these posts to necro
I single tap with both middle and index (for stamina and long maps)
There are also people who use ring finger and index like tokaku and beasttrollmc
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