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Does the background of a song Influence what you play (only the parts visible in song select)

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sorry i may have used some copy&paste
henlo again btw

Mode : 7K
NM or M4M : NM
Map Link :
Artist & Title : Chroma - I
Duration : 1:59
Diffs to mod : your choice, but the harder, the better
Your Intention : hopefully ranked, i want some higher SR maps getting ranked lmao
Note : not hitsounded yet woops

thanks in advance!
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pmd you jakads, still 4 slots remaining
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NM request
Map Link :
Artist & Title : Miraie & Setka - Dainty
Duration : 3:12
Diffs to mod : Easy and Exhausted please

¡Thanks! :):)
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planning to restart modding, had a little break. opening now, if youve already posted and i havent made a mod, feel free to repost, 4/4 slots remaining
Mode : 4k
NM or M4M: NM
Map Link :
Artist & Title: EYE_RH - The Red Coronation (Calamity)
Duration : 2:35
Diffs to mod : Normal
My Intention : To improve myself in mapping skills

Thanks in advance.
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all done, 4/4 remaining
Mode : 4k
NM or M4M : NM
Map Link :
Artist & Title : KOTOKO - Re-Sublimity
Duration : 1:27 (1:26 drain)
Diffs to mod : NM,HD
Your Intention : ranked hopefully, probably not any time soon though

Mode : Mania
NM or M4M : NM
Map Link :
Artist & Title : Morimori Atsushi vs. uma - Arche
Duration : 2m.
Diffs to mod : NM, HD, MX.
Your Intention : Rank
Note : N/A.
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opening 4 more requests. i hope to get back into modding again soon, ill check those prev 2 nno promises ill do them tho)

Mode : mania 4k
NM or M4M : NM
Map Link :
Artist & Title : Memme - Goat fantasis
Duration : 2:27
Diffs to mod : Hard & Easy (Normal if you want to)
Your Intention : Ranked sometime soon
Note : It has quite a lot of LN's

Thanks in advance
Want to request marathon map then see the 2mins rule, then want to do M4M so you might accept marathon and then see there no M4M map
Mode : Mania
NM or M4M : NM (tho i want M4M with my marathon map)
Map Link :
Artist & Title : Ryu* - Seventh Heaven
Duration : 2:20
Diffs to mod : any
Your Intention : just getting some mod from different before i push it rank
Note : if you want M4M then i have other map to request

Mode : Mania
NM or M4M : NM
Map Link :
Artist & Title : Kobayashi Taro - Paradise Lost -Avatar Battle-
Duration : 5:53
Diffs to mod : only 1 diff
Your Intention : thank you sir ;^)
Note : feel free to ask me for mod as return anytime you want
yo hallo o/

Mode : Mania
NM or M4M : NM
Map Link :
Artist & Title : ZUN - Eternal Spring Dream
Duration : 2:57
Diffs to mod : any
Your Intention : just want getting some mod and get nominated as possible
Note : different diff, different style

thanks !!
Mode : Mania (It's actually all modes, u can mod the other game modes if u can xd)
NM or M4M : NM
Map Link :
Artist & Title : Roselia - This game
Duration : 2:00
Diffs to mod : Rave's Ultimate Clash, Rave's Normal
Your Intention : for rank, (maybe top played)
Note : Multi-mode

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im surprised it filled this quick, closed
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its been well over a year since ive started this, yet ive gone inactive from modding, from uninspiring maps to just getting bored of the game i stopped.

Hopefully now after a break it can be different.
(although modding v2 blegh)

Ill accept 2 requests. lets see how i handle them, if all goes well ill up it.lets hope for the best guys <3

2/2, slots remaining

Keep in mind i work alot now, so i will take my time.
how about 6k nanahira map?
Hey hey


Mode : mania

Map Link :
Artist & Title : Nhato - Ophelia
Duration : 5:20 (I understand that you only accept up to 2m but I really need some mods since most of the queues are closed so I hope you understand)
Diffs to mod : Drowning
Your Intention : Rank
Note : Map is mostly LN themed and jackheavy patterns on kiais. As the song gradually gets stronger the patterns get harder and trickier to play


Mode :Mania
NM or M4M : NM
Map Link :
Artist & Title : saradisk-210 - Maikaze
Duration : 00:59
Diffs to mod : All if possible (Mai and hard priority :D)
Your Intention : For rank
Note : Nothing special

Thanks! :D
Hiho ^^

Mode : o!m
NM or M4M : NM
Map Link :
Artist & Title : LOW PASS - Landscape
Duration : 2:49
Diffs to mod : mostly Hard, but you can take a look at the other diffs as well if you want :)
Your Intention : going for ranked
Note : Hard has some SV

Thanks in advance!
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