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Thanks regraz ^^ I really hope that aswell
Using "osu!" as source applies only to osu! theme or contest songs. Using "osu!" as source just because the song is by featured artist is wrong. You can see alacat's confirmation here: t/564913/start=45 also there is no ranked maps of featured artists with osu! as source except the situations I told above
You can find the chatlog i had with JBHyperion from the 2nd page regarding this
You can find alacat's post on my map and also can you show me any ranked map of featured artist with osu! as source?
Well there is the thing that this song actually IS osu! exclusive as that can be seen in the FA page ( https://osu.ppy.sh/beatmaps/artists/4 )

There haven't been any osu! exclusive songs that haven't been part of a contest (or the game, read theme) ranked yet so there is nothing ranked that would have a similar case with source. Though i'd still find what JBHyperion has said to be much more sense making than just saying "well it's not part of osu!" as people have used other games as a source for the song that is involved in it even though the song was not made for the game (heck some people even use BMS which is a file type as a source)
If the song was made for osu! it doesn't mean it can use osu! as source. If so, then I can create my own song, say "HI HI I MADE IT FOR OSU!" and use osu! as source. As I (and alacat) told before using osu! as source is valid ONLY for osu! theme songs or contests.

M a r v o l l o wrote:

As I (and alacat) told before using osu! as source is valid ONLY for osu! theme songs or contests.
You are the only one i have ever seen to state that since afaik "You don't have to" does not mean "You can't" nor does "It applies to" mean anything close to "It's ONLY valid"

You can stop exaggerating the point as it does not help at all, if you were a featured artist and you would've made something specifically for osu! then yes, i would consider osu! to be a viable source

Also i found Kwan stating that osu! is not required (Does not mean "can't be used") as the source and that the QAT should not force having it as the source if the song was made before he or she was listed as a FA. But in this case the songs made by yuki. were introduced when the FA thing kicked off
checked with Doyak for this.

alacat wrote:

I think "osu!" should be Tags same as this ( p/6065688 )

Doyak wrote:

imo yes, being a featured artist doesn't mean they automatically make all songs exclusively for osu
so it shouldn't be in the source I think
"osu! featured artist" can be in tags instead
Please move "osu!" to Tags and send me forum PM for re-qualify.
As I told you lol. I wonder why you didn't even trust me because I gave you threads of another featured artist songs. Gl on requalifying though
We discussed with staff members about this case again.

We decided to this
when the song is for osu! official contest (MBC, Aspire), osu! theme song, its compulsory to use osu! as source
when the song is featured on the webpage, its up to the creator to choose whether to put osu! as source
When you're ready for re-qualify, let me know~

DTM9 Nowa wrote:

i'd want to keep the source as "osu!"
Re-qualify ~
Thanks for sorting out the issue ^^
oh, grats

KittyAdventure wrote:

Congrulations! :3
grats Nowa! ^^
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