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Greetings to all, well this I think it only happens to me anyway I want to warn this problem of the stable version of osu, when I used this version always one day I threw blue screens and had changed to beta but had solved And do not abound more in the matter, just yesterday change of version because the beta for me I think that gives me lag in my pc of the year of stone xd and this happened, i put osu intro boss mode and in 3 min later boom blue screen, i think was other thing on my pc i do it several times and only apears with osu on boss mode or playing for a long time only on my pc, i got no problem on beta version but i think us can do something about that (only i get it with this version of osu... idk why). Hope can us solve it and if it is another problem i hope you can also let me know xd

there its some desp that windows make for me sorry if was on spanish and sorry i didnt take a screensot for the blue screen xD
PD: sorry with my english ;-;

osu! version: 20170222.3 (latest)
So from what I understood, you only get a bluescreen on the stable version, but not in the beta? Most looks google translated so didn't understand much.

For now go to C:\Windows\Minidump and upload the file 032017-15319-01.dmp and share it here. I will check it and tell whats the exact cause of the bluescreen. But im guessing its going to be a graphics driver problem.
Looks like OSU is messing up with low-level hardware driver like audio driver or Graphics card driver and maybe it's something.
My friends' PC always blue screening while playing OSU, same like you but it also cause the windows to crash and needed to boot to safe mode to sort all the things out.

Try to update all your driver and check your RAM using memtest 86+
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