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GFX Booth

Status: Open

Want an Avatar or Userpage like mine or similar to the other players?
I can make you one if you request me one!
Ways of contacting me:
1. In-Game PM
2. Mailing me through Website (Slower)
3. Email me :
4. or Find me in Discord: Sera#5031

1. Please Provide the greatest Quality/ Resolution of the picture you want me to make for you. (NO NSFW or R-18 Picture Requests. It will be discarded and/or taken down by moderators.)
2. Tell me how would you like it to be made (i.e. Dashed Border, thin line Border etc.)
3. Tell me what text to put in or what name. Including the genre of text or just fit in the theme (i.e Cute, Rocky, Curved Texts)
4. Also Mention how to get a hold of you. Email, Discord, In-game/Browser PM.
5. Wait in Line and Recieve. (No Payments Required!)



PS: the first picture is enlargened and is not the finalized one.
Wait Times will heavily depend on how busy I am and how many people are Requesting. Patience is a Virtue


Feeling Satisfied?
Feel Free to leave a Feedback as I send you the finished product!

Thank you!
Or post the requests here? If you are just making an advertisement of some sort and not planning to use this as a normal GFX request queue, this thread will be removed.
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that can be that too. I made a Bookmark for this thread just in case i dont get the messages at all
Any examples? hehehehe at least show us some of your works ;)
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Thanks for asking!

I've never done voluntary work and this is my first time doing this but Im excited to provide the things they want as they wish to!

The others are pretty old and so only 2 of them which is the brown haired girl and blue haired is quite recently and made from photoshop.
the other two are from paintDOTnet.

As for the Banners, I make them with Photoshop as well

(The Examples have been reposted in the first Post)
Put them in an examples section on your first post. Use the other GFX threads as an example.
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Flanster wrote:

Put them in an examples section on your first post. Use the other GFX threads as an example.
Thanks Again Flanster! Having someone help me around forums really makes it easy :oops::D
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